What is expected of an ideal husband

5 qualities the perfect man must have

Have you always asked yourself what makes women particularly interested in online dating? We have the answer for you, because we asked our female members! But it doesn't stop there, because LemonSwan has followed up more closely. We wanted to know what are the characteristics that the perfect man must have?So be curious, because if you bring these characteristics with you, you will bewitch the women.


The top 5 qualities the perfect man must have

We asked all participants in the survey up to 5 properties that you would like to see in your future partner. The result is impressive. These are the characteristics the perfect man must have:

1. Honesty

"Honesty lasts the longest" - you have probably heard this saying several times and yet there is so much truth in it. For women, the perfect man must first and foremost be honest. This does not mean the little white lies that you make to secretly get the birthday present. Honesty means being open, sincere, fair and straightforward. You argue, but you know very well that you are right? Admit it openly. Women appreciate honesty very much and that is why it is the most important quality a man has to have in a partnership.

2. Humor

For 73% of women the perfect man must definitely have a sense of humor. You probably know that too, the people who take every word for real. Sometimes you should take things easy with humor. Don't take everything so seriously laugh at yourself. Men who can do this are highly regarded and have real potential for partnership. Of course, women also love to be made to laugh. A little Irony and sarcasm don't hurtas long as it doesn't get the better of it. You should develop a base of humor that doesn't get hurtful, but stays at a good level.

3. Intelligence

The premise for a lively exchange, as well as good communication, depends on the quality of theintelligence lead back. In a relationship the woman wants to be able to rely on a man, this implies on the one hand that agreements are kept and on the other hand that the back is kept free in stressful situations. Without loyalty, the other character traits cannot be maintained.

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4. Reliability

Reliability is a quality that is particularly important for women. Why is that? Women also have a hangover from time to time. Be it as a single mother who has to organize everything and also wants to take a deep breath, or you have so much stress at work and just want to let yourself go. For this it is all the more important that you catch them. However, reliability doesn't just mean catching your partner when she's feeling down. It's also about very simple things like an appointment. Have you set up a date? Keep it and be in time. Never forget that everything is based on give and take.

5. Loyalty

Loyalty is an integral part of any relationship and goes hand in hand with trust. So it should be a Basic requirement be to pay special attention to this quality in order to create honesty and reliability in a relationship. No woman wants a man who is unfaithful. In general, if you are thinking about cheating on you, ask yourself whether you still have feelings for yourself, or whether the concept of an open relationship might suit you better. Should you still get involved with your lady of the heart, then stay loyal, there is hardly anything that hurts as much as being betrayed.

Conclusion: the perfect man doesn't have to be perfect

No woman expects you to be perfect. But if you have these qualities, then in the eyes of many women you are the perfect man and there is probably nothing in the way of meeting and winning over a great woman.