Shall we follow ISKCON?

Open letter to
From Acchedya that (ACBSP)

Namaste + Hari Om
Dear brothers in spirit

Pamro All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Haribol dear Paramashreya, After yesterday's long conversation, I picked out some documents for you today and hope to broaden your perspective a little. In another conversation that evening I told an old devotee friend about your thoughts and ISKCON doubts. I was asked how naive one has to be, after 27 years of mismanagement and betrayal of Prabhupada's legacy by the GBC and its vicarious agents, that I still get the question today, but why shouldn't we be gurus? I had to admit that I was a bit surprised after so much apparently deviating from the original in ISKCON, which Prabhupada established for us! Just the matter of initiation, Prabhupada says, a guru must be a Nitya-Siddha, an Uttama Adikari, and not a Kanistha Adikari, must be able to liberate the soul and fully fulfill and live the standards of Prabhupada himself! Where are the Uttama Adikaris in ISKCON? Instead, the GBC publishes the resolution of the gurus appointed by vote who do not need any special qualifications!

ISKCON today would be a large, prosperous religious group following the old Arya rules and not the pathetic remnant of a once grandiose preaching movement of a real guru. I say the fish stinks from the head. The ritviks are not all crazy or demons, but they point to where ISKCON is trapped, where the clear instructions of Prabhupada are disregarded and so the matter is in a mess! I thought that the last few years would have been enough to give you all the material that I have sent you and which is available to everyone on the Internet, would be enough to widen your view?

Unless the heart of ISKCON (Prabhupada) is kept pure, the body cannot really prosper. There are so many secrets being kept, so much abnormalities and irreligious machinations cultivated that many Prabhus of the first generation believe that they are more on a Jewish market and not on a Gita Govinda, a Sanatana Dharma Mandir based on love and Arya principles!

That is why so many have gone away, fled, blubbered or, if they put their fingers on open wounds, were beaten out.

In plain language it is no longer the movement that Prabhupada wanted, but rather the booty, divided into small principalities in order to collect the fief and skim off the rank and file!

Neo-Acharyas from ISKCON, whom Prabhupada never wanted, take their entire dakshina of 5 million euros from the Swedish / European BBT and flee with their mistress to the Cote d'Azur in a rock solo habit, others fuck a bit with students or marry soon and become private smokers and still find each other great despite all their decadence. That was definitely not what Prabhupada wanted, a laughing stock of history, gurus, successors of Acharya who are caught seducing minors and rape Bengali boys. As gurus, just imagine being worshiped as good as God like Bhaktipada, still gay and arrogant vain and evil!

There devotees are killed, robbed, cheated of their inheritance, threatened if they revolt, slandered when they say that Prabhupada is our only hope and refuge in all this madness. Prithu that even goes into the statement, if the ritviks are right, I reject Prabhupada, consider himself a greater authority of the Vedas than his master, his own master and then we wonder when such false masters, gurus, acharyas fall down and become abnormal Do things, but why do we wonder?

Because we don't want to follow, but rather want to be the connoisseurs of the fruit, but in the end we harm ourselves, harm Prabhupada and ISKCON. BACK TO PRABHUPADA is therefore the medicine that ISKCON needs, but which it refuses as a poison. You see. So I am enclosing the "Last Instruction" again, including a few pages from Hansadutta's completely correct assessment of what Prabhupada wanted!

And that alone is important, if the first mistakes are made, the whole subsequent calculation is wrong!

And that is the state of ISKCON now, because the error was inserted at the very beginning, the result after 30 years is not what it should have been after all that the Acharya left behind for his students!

The virus that attacked Gaudiya-matha and made Prabhupada clear with so many examples has now also caused ISKCON to deteriorate!

What to do if he is so, would be so, even in the fantasy of the story, the thriller, in any case BACK TO PRABHUPADA, that promises security in the right and Krishna's blessing!

If we had been doing this for 30 years, imagine science and fiction, then today we would have farms in which Varna-ashrama-dharma was lived, taught and Prabhupada would have become the Dalai Lama of Vishnu and his wisdom would have been known and loved everywhere would be praised and his disciples appreciated and honored as wise souls.

Science fiction, the older ones would lovingly guide the younger ones, the younger ones the old ones, in order to learn knowledge and example, in order to be the older one again later on., Who sets an example, a parampara of knowledge and love.

This is what Prabhupada had in mind, the Chaitanyas games show us how Vaishnavas should be, can be, when the dear Lord shows joy in their doing, in their being and behavior, then the soul prosperes in outer grace and inner wealth and how it experiences it Mahatma aspect of an individual soul up close!

My simple words only want to express what many older Prabhus think, I am not alone or exclusive, no, only someone expresses himself through me who feels completely unqualified and describes what he sees, wishes for and about the dinghy of the Titanic hoped for this proud ship!

Sorry Prabhus, but I'm going back to the future, BACK TO PRABHUPADA, there we can meet always.

Hari Bol
Acchedya that

Bhaktivedanta Mission