How does masturbation affect the penis?

Can masturbation make your penis bigger or smaller?

Now let's get the burning question out of the way - no, masturbation doesn't affect the size of your penis.

This is just one of many misconceptions about the relationship between masturbation and penis size. Masturbation is a perfectly normal and natural activity, and it has no harmful effects on your health, including your sexual health.

Let's dive into some of the misconceptions to cross off your list of worries and safe ways you can change the size and appearance of your penis if you are interested.

The misconception that the penis shrinks

There is no single source for the ubiquitous myth that masturbation causes penile shrinkage. But people definitely have theories - none of them stand up to the rigors of scientific scrutiny.

One possible source is the idea that ejaculation lowers testosterone levels. Many people also believe that testosterone levels are responsible for making your penis grow and shrink.

So having less testosterone would result in a smaller penis. But this is wrong.

Here are the two main reasons why it is wrong:

  • Testosterone levels only drop shortly after ejaculation. It temporarily increases when you masturbate or have sex. Then it goes back to normal after ejaculation. But masturbation has no long-term effect on testosterone levels, which is the amount of testosterone that is naturally found in your bloodstream.
  • Testosterone levels have almost nothing to do with your penis size or erections. Your penis size is primarily influenced by your genes. Your ability to get and keep erections is affected by more than just testosterone - your state of mind, diet, lifestyle, and general health can all affect your erections.

Penis enlargement for short term effect

Can masturbation stunt my growth?

The same applies here: no. This myth also has to do with people's misconceptions about testosterone levels.

This important hormone is an important source of growth, especially in your youth. But numerous hormones are responsible for your growth throughout your life. A temporary decrease in testosterone levels after ejaculation does not affect your body's total testosterone stores.

In fact, poor nutrition, too little exercise, and exposure to pollutants from air and water polluting sources are far greater factors that stunt your growth than masturbation.

Can masturbation make my penis grow?

No. It is not clear where this error comes from. Some believe it stems from the idea that performing male kegel exercises, as well as other manipulations to the penile muscles and tissues such as masturbation, helps with bladder and sexual health, which can increase muscle strength.

This could have led to the idea that a stronger muscle corresponds to a larger size - which is wrong.

Can Lifestyle Changes Affect Penis Size?

The short answer here is no. If you change your diet, substance use, or exercise, your penis will neither get bigger nor smaller.

But here's a caveat: a healthy penis has a lot to do with blood flow. When you are aroused, the blood flows into three cylindrical pieces of tissue in the penile shaft. Anything you can do to improve blood circulation will have positive effects on the health of your penis.

Here are some tips that may not make the penis bigger, but can make your erections healthier and more stable:

  • Eat foods that are high in folic acid, like spinach.
  • Drink caffeine in coffee or caffeinated tea
  • Consume L-arginine in oatmeal or as a dietary supplement
  • Take vitamin D supplements
  • Reduce or completely avoid alcohol and smoking
  • Exercise regularly
  • Reduce stress

Is it possible to enlarge the penis?

There are always safer and more effective methods of enlarging or stretching the penis and some have given satisfactory results.

These augmentation techniques have minimal results and no real health benefits. Some can also have potentially harmful side effects. This could include loss of blood flow, injury to the penis, or loss of sensation in this area.

Talk to a doctor about these magnification options before trying them.

Here are a few options you can consider:

Always remember that every person's penis is different. There is no uniform look, length or width.

If a sexual partner, life partner, or someone else in your life is affecting your perception of your penis, talk to them about how it makes you feel.

You can also speak to a mental health advisor who specializes in sexual health. It can help you learn to be satisfied with the size and appearance of your penis, and to speak confidently about your feelings with your partner.

Our conclusion

Masturbation does not affect the size of your penis, positive or negative. In fact, masturbation can help you learn more about what pleases you sexually.