Why do I dream of giraffes

Dream interpretation giraffe

The giraffe is the tallest animal living on land. With its high, long legs and very long neck, it is unmistakable. With the help of her physique, she is able to nibble on the foliage of tall trees. It has patterned fur that camouflages it well in its surroundings, and a long tail with a tuft of hair on the end that it can use to scare away flies. It is native to the African grassy steppe, south of the Sahara.

But although in Europe we can see her at most once in the zoo, she is also known here like a sore thumb. Her name originally means "the lovely one", which describes her character quite well. As a peaceful herbivore, it is said to be gentle, friendly, and has a big heart so that it can cope with the task of pumping the blood into the distant feet and head. Therefore, it is also considered an animal with a proverbial big heart.

These peculiarities, the size, the long neck and the heart, also play the main role in dream interpretation when it comes to looking at and interpreting the giraffe as a dream symbol.

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Dream symbol "Giraffe" - The general interpretation

In general, the giraffe in dream interpretation stands for the overview to have. The dreaming can, perhaps in contrast to the people around him, have a good overview of a situation and judge it with great clarity. It can be about professional issues or also about a relationship - the dreaming can not be confused. Instead of getting entangled in small details, he has the big picture in mind.

To dream of a giraffe can be too communication indicate. The dreaming receives or expects an important message or is surprised by news. In addition, the long neck of the giraffe is a dream symbol for the balance between head and heart, i.e. between understanding and feeling. Both have to communicate with each other, nothing can usually be achieved with emotions alone, just as little if the dreaming approaches a task purely rationally.

If the dreaming rides a giraffe in the dream, the dream interpretation looks for a sign for the wish attention. The dreaming would like to be seen by all, maybe even rise above others.

If one sees a giraffe running in the dream, then the animal symbolizes either that the dreamer avoids a certain one truth to acknowledge, or he has seen something that would have been better hidden from him.

Dream symbol "Giraffe" - the psychological interpretation

In the psychological dream interpretation, the giraffe in the dream often expresses the need to have a larger overview and to be able to see more clearly. The dreaming feels possibly confused or he gets lost in trifles. Instead, he should take a step back and that big picture consider. Sometimes it takes a little distance.

The giraffe as a dream symbol can also be on Imbalance Clues. Possibly the dreaming is torn with a decision, whether he should listen more to his heart or more to his mind. Or he is currently too one-sided about his life. Both his emotions and the rational view of things are important. The gentleness and the big heart of the giraffe symbolize the desire of the dreaming for more peace in his life.

Dream symbol "Giraffe" - the spiritual interpretation

Spiritually, the giraffe stands as a dream symbol for Holism, gentleness and peace.