What kind of snacks does Donald Trump eat

With this food, Trump is getting ready for the election campaign


A US election campaign like this takes a lot of energy. Donald Trump should have that, if you look at the US President's menu plan.

Donald Trump's (74) morning begins patriotically on the breakfast table. Because the cornflakes must be from the state of Iowa or the president won't eat them. "My favorite cornflakes are Raisin Bran, straight from the fields of Iowa," said Trump in an interview with his favorite broadcaster Fox News.

The political magazine “Politico” writes that Donald Trump will regularly talk to you during the 2016 presidential election Egg McMuffins fortified from his favorite fast food restaurant. Apparently his bodyguards had to move out again and again to fetch a load of these breakfast burgers.

Donald Trump is such a fan of Diet Coke that, according to Time.com, he apparently even installed a so-called Little Red Button on his desk in the Oval Office. When he presses it, a butler immediately brings fresh Coke to the office. The New York Times even knows how much Coke Trump drinks every day: it should be twelve.

Diet Coke isn't just Trump's favorite drink, it's almost the only thing he drinks. He doesn't drink alcohol at all, not even coffee or tea. And even when he brings out a toast on public occasions, there is cola and not champagne or wine in his glass

And what does his opponent Joe Biden actually eat?