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Stand out from the crowd: Strikingly successful!

Often the individual is easily drowned in the crowd. It is difficult to attract attention and leave a lasting impression, both with applications and in everyday work among the many colleagues. But this is exactly what is needed to be successful, because how can you convince the boss if he doesn't even know who you are? It is not without reason that colleagues are often promoted, which do not necessarily perform better, but which are definitely more noticeable. How you can stand out from the crowd ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Why it pays to stand out from the crowd

Lots of people feel really comfortable in the crowd. At least you enjoy it there more protection and anonymity. If you don't attract attention, you don't make yourself vulnerable. But is it really the right approach to always just belong and adapt in order to offer as little surface for criticism as possible? Probably not and if you want to be successful, you should try as quickly as possible to get out of the crowd.

On the motto Stand out at all costs however, one should rather do without it. You get into a conversation that way, but the content is really not what you hoped for. But don't let that put you off, because if done correctly, it pays to stand out from the crowd.

  • You can show your personality. If you don't want to attract attention, you will eventually come to a point where you have to adapt. This is not only inauthentic, it is also exhausting and unhappy. If, on the other hand, you want to stand out from the crowd, your own personality is exactly the right characteristic to do so.
  • Services are associated with you. Yes, there are results that are worked out in a team. But sometimes you want to reap the laurels for your own achievements. However, this is only possible if the boss also knows what you have achieved. If you only hide between colleagues and remain as inconspicuous as possible, the superior will not know who to address his praise to.
  • You get more attention. If you get noticed, you will automatically get more attention. You can use these to build a reputation for yourself, contribute your own ideas, and qualify for promotions or raise that might otherwise have gone to someone else.

Stand out from the crowd: With a good relationship with the boss

There are many employees - especially in large companies or corporations. This makes it all the more difficult to stand out among all the similar faces and names. What can help is a good rapport with the boss. But building this up is difficult for many employees. Especially if the supervisor is often moody, always has something to complain about and comes up with extra tasks at short notice, most employees do not really warm to him. The boss quickly becomes a pain in the ass, about which one complains to colleagues behind the scenes. But this only creates one Distance between you as an employee and your boss.

It is more beneficial for your career and easier for your everyday work to make your boss an ally. Work on building a relationship on a personal level and standing out from the crowd. But how?

  • Show interest. If you stand together in the coffee kitchen or meet in the elevator in the morning, start a little conversation. Make small talk and ask questions to give your boss the opportunity to talk about yourself.
  • Look for common interests. Do you play the same sport? Do you both read newspapers? Similarities promote familiarity and make people likeable.
  • Pay attention to the preferences. Does your boss attach particular importance to punctuality? Is order particularly important to him? If you know your manager's preferences and respond to them, you will collect plus points.
  • Score with compliments. Those who subtly and subtly flatter the boss arouse sympathy for themselves and attract attention. Freud already stated that praise is one of the strongest psychological effects. Hardly anyone can avoid praise. But complimenting the boss can also backfire and have a negative impact. So it depends on how you are praised. Here are three ways you can compliment your boss without being perceived as a slipper.

10 ways to stand out from the crowd

You don't have to go for fancy outfits, colorful accessories or a flashy hairstyle to stand out from the crowd. This may match the personality of one or the other, but the majority should prefer to resort to another path - and there are several to choose from, which get by without any visual changes, but only themselves limit yourself to your own behaviorto stand out from the crowd. The following applies: You don't have to do everything to achieve the greatest possible effect. Instead, you should choose one or two points that suit you and your situation and concentrate on actually implementing them consistently. We introduce you to four ways to stand out from the crowd.

  1. Take responsibility

    It's easy with positive feedback, but the point here is to take responsibility for a mistake. Often people try to push the responsibility for a mistake far from themselves. On the other hand, you make a real impression on the boss and colleagues if you stand up for it and ideally present a suitable solution to iron out the mistake.

  2. Have a different opinion

    It is not the easiest task to go against the current, but if you have good arguments and a point of view, you should have the courage to take them. A team doesn't develop because everyone just says yes and amen. Good results come from different opinions, and by having a different point of view, you can stand out from the crowd.

  3. Take risks from time to time

    Sometimes you have to have the courage and take a risk to move forward. This is the only way to really achieve something, because whoever chooses the safest option will eventually step on the spot. Since most people shy away from the risk, it is also a good way to stand out from the crowd and to show that you are ready to fight for your goals and to take the necessary steps.

  4. Show initiative

    Just being active in itself can be enough to attract attention. So don't always wait for someone to tell you what to do, take matters into your own hands. In the workplace in particular, you can collect so many points from the boss and you will immediately be remembered.

  5. Be helpful

    Team spirit is not just a cliché or buzzword that is used because it somehow belongs to it. Superiors are almost always impressed by employees who really help others and thus strengthen the entire team - even if only they To hold the door open for someone or to buy a coffee or to exchange a service.

  6. Get over defeat

    Most of them are bent after setbacks, lose - at least in the short term - motivation and struggle for a long time with themselves and their own achievements. So you stand out from the crowd by becoming a stand-up man who doesn't let defeat get you down.

  7. Talk about your successes

    A particularly successful way to avoid drowning in the crowd: Let others - especially those who are higher in the hierarchy, of course - share in your achievements and successes. Humility in the wrong place will only result in you and your achievements remaining invisible - or even being claimed by a colleague who will then benefit from it.

  8. Implement feedback

    Receiving feedback is one thing, then actually putting it into practice is something completely different. But this is precisely how you can stand out from the crowd and show that you want to learn and develop further.

  9. Do more than others

    A surefire way to always dive between everyone else is to do exactly what everyone else is doing. So to get noticed the question is: what more can I do? Where can I also get involved? There are already enough employees who only make minimal effort and only do what is expected of them. Take at least one more step - and you'll stand out from the crowd.

  10. Pay attention to details

    Anyone who has an eye for the details and pays the utmost care will be noticed positively because they help ensure that the results are good and of high quality. This will earn you the trust of your boss, because he knows that he can give you jobs without hesitation and that the result will be satisfactory.

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