Are K-Pop idols dating ordinary people?

Not only did I read the three worst fanfictions of my life on the weekend (and believe me, I've read a lot of FFs - especially bad copies are like an accident: You can't look away, you are fascinated and shocked at the same time and really don't know whether to laugh or cry) - no, yesterday I had the pleasure of getting in touch with stupidity in person. One wonders why they are so hollow kpop fans - okay, in every fandom there are mindless people who stumble around like zombies and suck the liquid out of the skull of every person with a bit of intelligence with their gibberish. I was confronted with so much stupidity yesterday, I wanted to hit my head against the nearest wall at times ...

Right from the start: FaceBook advertised a dance workshop, which initially met with a positive response, but as we all know, haters are not long in coming.

Said hater commented (I would like to emphasize at this point that I do not falsify the quotes in any way).

"I don't want it to be famous here then it has no specialty" "" "" hmmm! "

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "hmmmmmmmmmmmm" "" hmm

Then someone pointed out that greater awareness could lead to European editions of CDs and DVDs, making them easier for fans to acquire (no import and shipping costs if you can simply buy CDs and DVDs in Germany). Very clever objection!

"It would be better soo but not that everyone knows it then it's no longer fun. Like the western songs. But you could order it from yesasia"

How about the import and shipping costs? Yesasia does not have any shipping costs, BUT first of all, not everyone likes to order from yesasia, because / and you sometimes wait a whole month or longer for your order. Is it worth it just to keep Kpop from gaining greater prominence? Quite apart from the fact that I don't understand what speaks against the popularity of Kpop in our latitude.

At this point I just HAD to click in - yes, I couldn't keep my finger still again.

So I wrote factually, as always.

“(…) It's not about making Kpop more popular - especially since that would only be positive, because if you only like Kpop because it's not mainstream (in Korea it's mainstream, by the way), you don't seem to care about music and artists go - but a dance workshop! (...) "

I thought that this would make my point of view clear and convince the person who is so good at upper and lower case.

But no…

 "I know that too. Nevertheless, I don't want to do a dance workshop that only increases the popularity. Then everyone will talk about it and it won't be anything special anymore, especially if some then think they are full of KPop freaks. Don't you understand I want." just not that it is becoming very popular. we know that it is popular in korea and other asian countries. nonetheless, the dance workshop increases its popularity.

After you've struggled through the comma-teaching desert, the sense may open up - whether it makes sense to you is another topic. Before I spread my own argument here, I'll just copy my answer to the rhetorical masterpiece:

“As if people who are not interested in kpop would come to this workshop ... Do you go to a wig workshop if you are not cosplaying at all? No!
And again on popularity, I know that most of them just don't (want to) understand that, but when Kpop becomes more popular in Europe / Germany, we will get more access to the music and the bands. That means: More concerts in Europe.

Really. Imagine the following horror scenario: Kpop bands giving concerts in Germany. DUM DUM DUM

We'd better all distance ourselves from the Kpop right away, because we run the risk of boarding the nerd ship into a busy harbor.

What does the master have to say about it?

“That I know anyway, I want to be a head fan and not a fan of the music everyone knows. You can buy cds, etc. at yesasia, kpoptown and so on. And if you want a concert then buy a ticket to korea for two days or so. "

(I have to admit, I thought of a troll for a moment, but trolls are never THAT stupid, so it had to be serious ...)

WHAT an argument ... That I didn't think of it ... Well I ... well I'm really very short-sighted!

I also have a cash cow at home, like every normal person. From now on I will be going to Korea EVERY WEEKEND to drool on the idols - that's a REALISTIC alternative to concerts in Europe.

Do you already notice how the brain is running out of your ears? And that didn't even have to be "Bingeul Bingeul": D

Now I am giving it to myself and the dear readers and trying to analyze the scribble. I will limit myself to the last paragraph, on which I would have preferred to take a closer look at folk music from Uganda, where you probably don't have to worry about it becoming popular at some point, because that seems to be something really bad in the world To be the writer's eyes.

So: he / she / it wants something "Besokderes" be or "become", should mean a "Kpopfan". You naturally ask yourself, as a Kpop fan, are you special, or should you feel special? Personally, I feel as special as I always have and it's not because of the music I'm listening to. Perhaps I misinterpret the spelling and it is a neologism: “besokderes” could also mean “socked” or “socked”, i.e. a pop fan who wears socks! I can live with that. Who has ever heard of barefoot kpop fans? ;)

Further in the text: So you want to be a socked Kpop fan, but not someone who listens to chart music - I interpret "everyone" just as the general public, the bad bad mainstream that breaks everything and world domination itself- * clearing your throat * Yes ... I can only emphasize once again that popularity has positive effects - stop! I had forgotten that we don't WANT any concerts in Germany / Europe, or whole tours ... pff ... our own fan clubs ... pff ... fan meetings ... pff ... the opportunity to meet our idols in person ... ACH QUOOOOTSCH!

No, I prefer to buy a plane ticket to Korea every month and whore my way through the pop scene because I don't have any duties to follow here ...

Stupidity had an orgasm and I was there interactively - isn't that PHENOMENAL ?!

Thank you for your attention.

Subscribed and commented, then comes joy!


Jongup and Zelo fighting stupidity