What are the qualifications for CBI

Master's degree

The Master's degree in chemical and bioengineering (CBI) builds on a bachelor's degree with a related content.

There are some requirements for the CBI master’s program. These are compiled in the FPO in §41. In short, the following applies: The qualification for the master’s degree is proven by completing a degree in chemical and bioengineering with above-average success (2.5) or, if at least 4 of the core subjects (see FPO) with the mean value of the module grades 3.0 or better are filed. Applicants with a degree that is not fully equivalent and / or with a final grade lower than 2.5 can only be admitted to the master’s program if they have passed an oral entrance examination. In addition, proof of proficiency in German and English must be submitted at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference. The master's admission committee decides on the suitability for the master’s degree.

Foreign students are advised to attend holiday German courses and German courses during the semester, because a large proportion of the courses are held in German. Therefore, proof of mastery of the German (as well as English) language at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference already necessary for the application. The admission committee only accepts language certificates according to this table. (CET 4 and 6 certificates are not recognized)

For TOEFL, please note the information on tests during the Corona period on the ETS page.

Application process for the master’s degree

All applicants can apply for the master’s degree via the campo application portal at FAU. All information about applying for a master’s degree can be found on the central FAU website.
During the online application, you will be guided step by step as to which documents and in which form (certified copies or original documents) should be uploaded or sent by post.

Please note the following application deadlines:

  • For the summer semester: 15.1.
  • For the winter semester: 15.7.

After the application phase, the Master’s Admission Committee decides on the suitability of the applicants based on the criteria set out in the APO and FPO.

Sample for the application for the master’s degree (please only apply via the campo application portal of the FAU):

Sample letter of application