Why is the Skins show so depressing

"Skins" as a model? "Glee" threatens to change cast

In 2012, numerous leading actors could have to leave the successful FOX series. Your characters will then become too old.

The fans of the American series may have to «Glee» Prepare not to be told the stories of Finn, Kurt, Rachel and Co. for ages Series creator Ryan Murphy told the Australian news site news.com.au about his plans for the musical format. At the latest by the end of the third season, which will run in 2012, a large part of the cast will probably be replaced. Even if this will be tough for both him and the actors, it is necessary, so Murphy.

"Nothing is as depressing as a student with bald spots on their heads," joked the series maker. The fact is: If a character in the series completes high school, he has to leave "Glee" - and this fate overtakes all characters sooner or later. A hasty change is not planned, as early as season two new characters are gradually being built in.

Incidentally, it doesn't necessarily have to lead to a series suddenly crashing with a complete cast change. In England is "Skins" a very good role model: Both after season two and recently after season four, the makers swapped a large part of the characters and the E4 series is still in great demand.

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