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Taiwan makes marriage for everyone

Taiwan was the first Asian country to introduce marriage for same-sex couples. The parliament of the island republic voted this Friday for a corresponding law. According to this, homosexual partners can register for a wedding from May 24th.

The MPs implemented a requirement of the Constitutional Court from 2017. The new law stipulates that couples can first enter into a “permanent, exclusive bond” and later apply for registration as a marriage.

Until now, Taiwan's civil code had not recognized marriage for everyone. After the vote, tens of thousands of supporters in the center of the capital Taipei cheered the decision. Gay, lesbian, trans and bisexuals, among others, have been fighting for the right to marry for years. During the vote, thousands of supporters of the new law demonstrated in front of the parliament in Taipei.

President Tsai described the parliamentary vote as an important success. "We have taken a big step towards real equality and made Taiwan a better country," she wrote on the short message service Twitter. The Taiwanese Alliance for the Promotion of Registered Partnerships said Taiwan would be the first Asian country to "open a new page in history."

The constitutional court ruled two years ago that a ban on gay marriage was against the constitution. The judges gave the government a deadline of May 24, 2019 to make appropriate changes to the law.

A referendum in November showed how deeply society is still divided on this issue. More than seven million eligible voters voted for marriage to be reserved for the union between women and men. In contrast, same-sex marriage advocates who campaigned for equal rights received only around three million votes for their proposal.

Amnesty International, however, supported the reform. It is to be hoped that other Asian countries will now follow the example of Taiwan, said the human rights organization.

The parliamentary decision coincides with the worldwide day against homophobia, transphobia, biphobia and interphobia (IDAHOBIT) taking place this Friday. Agencies / nd

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