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San Diego is the eighth largest city in the United States and is located in southwest California near the border with Mexico. You can also tell from the attitude towards life, the beautiful beaches and the warm sun! San Diego can bear the title "America’s Finest City" mainly because of the pleasant temperatures, because here it is sunny all year round. Extensive beaches with wonderful waves for surfing complete the package and make the city one of the most popular places to live and vacation in the USA!

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San Diego - The Seaport Village

What can I tell you, there are really no limits to the activities here in San Diego. I have seldom seen such a lively and atmospheric metropolis. So I'll start my San Diego tips with the Seaport Village on the coast. Here you get a good first impression of the Californian lifestyle. The view of the harbor, the finest restaurants and original shopping opportunities are waiting for you here! Just listen to the sounds of live music for a few minutes or watch the many different street artists performing. Why don't you take a little break, enjoy a picnic and let the atmosphere of this special place sink in?

The first European settlement on the west coast

May I remind you that we're still in the immediate vicinity Proximity to the Mexican border are located?! I don't think that will actually be necessary, because anyone who has even set foot on the ground in San Diego will recognize the Spanish and, above all, Mexican influence, which ensures an incredibly diverse culture here. In the Old Town San Diego State Historic Park you can learn more about the successful mixture of Spanish, Mexican and American influences. The first European settlement is a very popular destination for tourists and should definitely be at the top of your list! It's worth it just because of the heavenly Mexican food you get here. Really, the tacos here are out of this world!

A bit of culture at the USS Midway Museum

If you still haven't had enough of culture and American history, then you should take a detour to USS Midway Museum do. A gigantic ship is anchored here, which was used to transport military aircraft and is now available for you to visit. In the immediate vicinity is the huge statue called "Unconditional Surrender", which reminds of the famous photo from the end of the Second World War. Which of you recognizes the two lovers ?!

Tacos, tacos, tacos in San Diego

While we're at dinner In terms of culinary delights, everyone should really get their money's worth in San Diego. Since Mexican food is one of my favorites, I tried and tasted as much as possible for you. My conclusion: Tacos and Co are simply excellent everywhere in San Diego and melt in your mouth, three of my favorites are those Tako Factory, The Taco Stand and theCasa de Reyes in Old Town, which I already raved about to you a little. In Little Italy, for example, you get your meals served the real Mediterranean way, because Italian culture is very deeply anchored in this district. Try to get hold of a nice spot here or reserve a table in one of the romantic restaurants at Shelter Island Harbor, where you can then stroll past yachts and boats and listen to live music.

Here's something for every taste!

Do you like it a little fancier? Then the village of La Jolla is just right for you. There are many restaurants here that are exactly in line with the trend and if you have a place in the George’s at the Cove can get hold of, then you have a wonderful view of the bay! A nice experience, especially in the early evening hours, when the sun bathes the beach in golden yellow light and slowly disappears on the horizon ...

San Diego Tips - The Nightlife

The nights you spend in this metropolis are just as exciting as the days. Where is the best place to go out in the evening? A clear answer from me, of course in the Gaslamp Quarter, right in the heart of the lively city. Lined up here Bars and restaurants each other and where you can stroll relaxed through the shops during the day, things really happen in the evening! As an alternative, I would suggest you try a round of Pacific Beach Bar Hopping, a variant that many students prefer. You can start on Mission Boulevard, and until the sun comes up, you can also make the Garnet Avenue unsafe. San Diego is a very special city, where you won't get bored between tacos, tequila and lots of good-humored people!

Dream beaches of San Diego

The best way to recover from such a boisterous night of partying is to jump into the cool water. How good that San Diego is teeming with beaches, and it is bathing season all year round! Thanks to the mild temperatures and the warm California sun, you can spend a few sunny days at any time of the year. Ideal for a beach vacation, don't you think? Here you will really find everything your heart desires: seemingly endless beaches and a wide range of water sports activities. At Mission Beach, for example, the most famous stretch of beach in the city, you are guaranteed to get your money's worth and you can learn to surf in a surf school, among other places. Surfing is really a huge topic in San Diego and so you will find surf rentals, surf schools or even private instructors on every corner who will teach you not to fall off your surfboard! Of course, as professionals, you can also throw yourself straight into the waves and benefit from the perfect surfing conditions on the California coast. When you've got tired of all the movement, you can either stroll along the varied boardwalk on Mission Beach or try the traditional refreshment for all surfers, the "Fish Taccos" - here in San Diego you really have the perfect California beach experience.

Stroll in Balboa Park and the San Diego Zoo

Everyone can laze on the beach! For the active ones among you, I have another place here where you can discover a lot and stretch your legs properly. The Balboa Park is known for its mixture of culture and nature and impresses not only with lush nature but also with magnificent buildings and numerous museums. My personal favorite among the museums is the Museum of Art, but of course you can decide for yourself which museum interests you the most. The gardens are also divided into different themes so that everyone can find their favorite place here. Here I really could wander around for hours! Also here you get the opportunity to visit one of the largest zoos in the world, the San Diego Zoo. Beautifully laid out and with an immense variety of exotic animal species, this zoo is the flagship of the city.

Wonderful white beaches on Coronado

At the end of our tour and my San Diego tips, I would like to show you one of the most beautiful places in the city. The small island of Coranado in the south of San Diego is famous for its white sand, the casual surf shops and restaurants on the coast and above all that Hotel del Coranado known. Nobody less than turned here Marilyn Monroe with "Some Like It Hot" one of her most successful films. A visit is also highly recommended for those who are not familiar with the huge and beautifully landscaped resort. You are welcome to dream a little and then maybe sip one or two margarita cocktails on the hotel terrace while you listen to the waves and let the unique flair sink in.

I hope you enjoyed our little trip to “America’s finest City” and understood why the residents love their city so much. Here you have everything at once: pulsating city, dream beaches and small oases paired with culinary highlights and lots of joie de vivre!

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