What excites you most about fencing?

How did you discover fencing for yourself?
I wanted to find a sport that suits me and that not everyone does. So I came across fencing online and signed up for a trial training session. My enthusiasm was very great and it still is.

You have been a member of the FGL since 2016. In Switzerland you have achieved success as an epee fencer. In the ranking of the Circuit National for the 2019/20 season (U14) you are ranked 22nd out of 101 epee fencers. Is that a great success for you?
Not so much. I could have gotten more out of that. I am not that satisfied with my performance.

Due to Corona, the new 2020/21 fencing season has almost come to a standstill. The start at the U17 would also be new for you. What do you wish for and what are your sporting goals?
In the first year I want to integrate well into the U17 and achieve the best possible results. My goal would be to get into the national team.

At CNJ Biel, you started as a team with Simon Gut and Matvej Golovatyuk. What do you personally like better about being part of a team or being on the planche as an individual fencer?
I like team fencing better. In fencing, I sometimes miss being part of a team. That's why I'm happy about team tournaments.

What do they especially like about epee fencing?
In epee fencing, the fencer should be athletic. Another important aspect is tactics. This mixture appeals to me.

The club usually hosts a few tournaments and two occasions, the summer party and the Santa Claus party. Do you like it? Did you also take part in the events?
I really enjoy taking part in tournaments. I couldn't attend the other events because I still train outside of Lucerne. Or the schedule just didn't fit.

If you could wish for anything in fencing, what would it be?
I want a maƮtre in Lucerne so that I don't have to travel so much for my training sessions. I also hope that Lucerne will have its own fencing hall and become a well-known fencing town where the best fencers in Switzerland train.

Now the obligatory final question. Do you check our website from time to time? If so, what are you looking at?
No. I get most of the information from my trainer.


Dear Basil, thank you for taking the time to take part in this interview. I wish you all the best for the future and that your wishes and goals will come true.