What can you say about Greek girls

What was a woman's life like in Greece?

The everyday life of women in Greece was completely different from that of men. And also depended on the city-state (polis) in which the women lived. Although the life of the Spartans was hard and often cruel, the women in Sparta, for example, had more rights than the women in Athens or in other city-states (Poleis). In wealthy Athenian families, women often lived separately from men. Most of them were on the upper floor of the house. They were not allowed to attend the men's festivals. They were not allowed to own anything and could not inherit any money.

It is controversial among historians whether women were really despised or not even as "Mistress in the house" enjoyed a certain reputation. In any case, women rarely took part in public life, but mostly lived secluded in the house.

Here the women had their own area, the one "gyneikon" called. Wealthy women supervised the household, the slaves did the work. Poor women also had to go out of the house, e.g. to the market, to go shopping. Even women farmers could not withdraw into the house, they had to work in the fields and look after the cattle. As a result, however, they took part in everyday life more than the noble ladies in their apartments.

Very few girls learned to write, arithmetic and read. Your later chores should be cooking, spinning, weaving, and looking after the household. They were prepared for this very early on.