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Good Job for Single Parents: How to Find It

The single parent is the ugly duckling of the job market. No employer wants anything to do with her. Just cliché or still reality? On the positive side, the general conditions for families and single parents are improving - at least in many companies. For single parent it is crucial to identify and find precisely these companies. But how?

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Good job for single parents: where?

The number Single parent increases. In 2015, according to the 2017 Family Report by the Ministry of Education, they grew 2.3 million of the total of 13 million children with just one parent. While there were still 1.3 million single parents in 1996, the number was up in 2015 1.6 million.

At the same time there are always more Single parents without a job. According to the Federal Employment Agency, one in ten of all unemployed in 2016 was a single parent: 238,000 people. The majority are women (218,000), there are only 20,000 single men without employment opposite.

The disadvantages are obvious from the employer's point of view: Single parents are ...

  • inflexible in terms of time
  • often threaten to fail
  • are sometimes also overnight

Concentration, focus and commitment suffer as a result. That is only one side of the coin, but still an obstacle to recruitment. How can single parents skip it?

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Single parent work: this is important

Specific Jobs for single parents - that belongs in the nonsense category. Rather, it is about finding a job that fits perfectly in a company that enables the right framework conditions.

Fortunately, politics and business have also recognized the problem - albeit only rudimentarily and only after decades of inactivity - and are increasingly praying down the magic formula of combining work and family. In very many cases, however, companies only do PR. They make themselves more family-friendly than they really are.

In other cases it is Family friendliness already lived reality. It is precisely these companies that single parents have to look for and find. Which criteria should a job seeker consult? A few guidelines:

  • Home office

    German employers only like the home office in easily digestible doses. But the tendency is going in the right direction - and this also benefits single parents. According to the Bitkom survey from 2017 already enable 30 percent of German companies working in your own little room - ten percent more than in 2014. And 43 percent expect that the proportion will continue to increase in the future.

    A good development for single parents because they Freedom and flexibility creates. But don't forget: You have to be able to work concentrated at home too.

  • childcare

    The younger the child, the greater the likelihood that the mother will be not working is. A study is not required for this, but the Ministry of Education has statistically proven it. Employment increases with the age of the children - until the youngest child is 14 years old.

    The time when single parents get into trouble: When the children are younger than three. Anyone who organizes a day care center or childminder for their two-year-olds frees up resources. Plus point for companies with a company daycare center.

  • Part time

    Part-time positions are an important option - especially for single parents with limited childcare options (tip: you can search for part-time positions on our sister portal career jump). While of all unemployed only 14 percent looking for a part-time job seek it from the unemployed single parents 36 percent. This is what the data from the employment agency say from 2015.

    16 percent of the BA's holdings were part-time positions. Another 16 percent were up flexible working time models aligned. You can't meet demand like this. For every 100 unemployed single parents With desired part-time work, 2015 came purely arithmetically according to BA information 97 part-time positions. Professions in which this is possible are, for example:

  • Job sharing

    Could be called Further development of the part-time job. Specifically: two employees share a job. That requires coordination - and also mutual Trust and sympathy. An exotic model that makes sense for single parents - especially for the well-qualified.

    A startup that specializes entirely in job sharing is Tandemploy from Berlin. The job sharers have been around since 2013, around 5,000 applicants and 70 companies use their software according to their own information. This shows that there is a certain need. Is it expandable?

This is how single parents find the right job

  • Kununu

    Single parents can use the rating portal to refine their search - using the filter function. Accordingly, Kununu currently transfers 46,000 companies with home office solutions. Flexible working hours are found in over 43,000 companies, childcare offer almost 8,000.

    If you check all three benefits, then stay exactly 7,516 companies left. These are THE employers that single parents should look around first - and perhaps apply.

  • seal

    How do I still know if a company familyfriendly - and therefore also single parent-friendly - is? One possible answer: by looking at his homepage. The Bertelsmann Foundation, for example, awards the seal Family-friendly employer.

    Companies like to adorn themselves with them Seal. Whether one can always believe their promises - doubtful. But the award-winning companies are definitely worth a closer look.

  • Location

    The living conditions in Germany are not the same everywhere, even if it is a state mandate. Federal states and municipalities in which childcare is well developed, unemployment is low and the need for labor is very high are particularly advantageous for single parents.

    A change of location - if possible - could Greatly improve job opportunities in individual cases.

  • Branch

    According to calculations by Prognos AG, 23 percent of single mothers had one in 2015 low level of education, but only 15 percent of mothers from couple families. That is why single parents are looking for jobs as salespeople, cleaners, cooks, housekeepers or educators more than the average. So jobs that are badly paid and often still are unfavorable working hours entail. Home office as a seller? Impossible. Flexible working hours as a cook? Impossible.

    However, the aim must be to avoid these jobs. After all, have 77 percent of single parents a medium or high level of education. Around twelve percent of single mothers even have one academic degree. The better the qualification, the better the prospects. For example, for jobs in the financial sector, with so-called corporate and consumer-related services such as insurance, real estate service providers or insurance companies. Because: According to DIW, the home office is particularly widespread in these industries - an important criterion for single parents.

  • Hidden champions

    The whining about them Skilled labor shortage just don't like to fall silent. The needs are unevenly distributed. Large corporations have more choice than ever before, Medium-sized companies or craftsmen Recruiting is much more difficult in the provinces. Single parents should apply in a strategically clever way - to companies in which the competition is smaller.

    That means: In the structurally strong province (for example in parts of Baden-Württemberg, East Westphalia, Bavaria), with unknown medium-sized companies and Hidden champions. Tip for single women: apply specifically in male-dominated industries such as mechanical engineering. Many companies want to increase their quota of women - keyword: diversity.

  • Freelance

    Starting a freelance career - this is also an option for single parents. That applies to them Company formation only to a limited extent. It requires maximum effort - 24/7. Who doesn't here support has - through business partners, spouses or in-laws, for example - is sometimes faced with insoluble logistical problems. And you are no longer only responsible for your own child, but also for your employees. That increases the pressure in the boiler!

    Freelancers, on the other hand, have more freedom and flexibility, but fewer risks. You don't need any start-up capital, the possibilities are diverse. Whether web designers, editors, translators, clickworkers or artisans who sell their products via the Nez. The list of activities that can be self-employed let it exercise is already a long time - and it is getting longer and longer.

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