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12 tips how to properly wear a suit

The next event is just around the corner and everyone is desperately looking for it perfect outfit, Not? How about one new men's suit for the best days of the year? At Hockerty, we think you can with a great suit don't do anything wrong. Or is it? 
Our blogger team sat down and the Top 12 insider tips picked out how to wear your suit and what mistakes to avoid.

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Here are our 12 insider tips


1. NEVER button the bottom button of the suit jacket

It doesn't matter whether you've got hold of a tailor-made suit online or in the store. Only the middle button of the jacket is buttoned. The bottom button remains ALWAYS open.
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2. NEVER forget to unbutton your jacket when you sit down

Don't ruin the shape of your suit. Make sure to unbutton your suit jacket to be more comfortable and to prevent the buttons from flying around while you eat.
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3. ALWAYS keep the top button of your shirt closed

Shirt buttons are there to be closed. And yes, ALL! If you can't close the top button, you definitely need a new shirt! A shirt has to fit perfectly, on the neck and also on the sleeves, don't forget that!
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4. NEVER let the shirt cuffs go over your hands.

Shirt sleeves are important in keeping you looking neat and sharp. Therefore, you should make sure that they are the right length and fit. Ideally, a half-inch of the cuff on your shirt arm should appear under your jacket arm.

5. NEVER look like you are suffocating yourself

A shirt collar should always fit perfectly, as it should never let you suffocate. You should be comfortable in your Christmas suit, so place two fingers between your skin and collar to make sure it fits snugly. Also note that shirts sometimes shrink and they need to have a wider collar if you want to wear this shirt after Christmas.
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6. ALWAYS wear a jacket that fits

The jacket must be cut so that it is not too loose or too tight on the chest. A great tip is to place three fingers vertically between your jacket and your stomach. And, you should be able to slide your hand between your chest and your buttoned jacket so that it feels comfortably dressed and gives you freedom of movement.
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7. NEVER let your socks be seen

Find a pair of pants that fit you. It shouldn't be too short or too long. The pants should sit lightly on your shoes. There are no exceptions here.
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8. ALWAYS wear socks that fit

Make sure your socks are long enough. Nobody wants to see your hairy legs between pants and socks when you sit down. Especially if you wear fancy socks with a pattern.

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9. It's a match [ALWAYS]: belt and shoe color

There are no exceptions. Mixtures of colors are not welcome for shoes and belts. The same goes for your watch. The leather bracelet must match the belt and shoe color.
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10. NEVER wear a black suit with brown shoes

More common these days, but definitely a fat NO GO. Black and brown shouldn't be worn together. The same is true in reverse. Never wear a brown suit with black shoes.
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11. ALWAYS tie the tie until it goes to your belt

Hide the buttons of your shirt behind the tie.
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12. NEVER wear a pocket square the same color as your tie

A pocket square gives you that extra something to look even more elegant and formal. But always make sure that it isn't the same color or pattern as your tie.
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