What is a full body massage

Full body massage: deep relaxation from head to toe

The Full body massage is not a protected term and can be different Massage techniques include. Both aromatic oil, lomi-lomi and Thai massages belong to the field of full body massages. With us you can find out more about the Mode of action and the procedure of the forms of treatment. We also tell you who offers full body massages and what they do Costs.

Full body massage: what is it?

The Full body massage is not a fixed term for a specific type of massage, but encompasses several therapies and wellness treatments. Unlike Partbody massages like the classic massage that Back massage and the Foot reflexology, the entire body is massaged in a full body massage. In contrast to erotic massages such as tantra and nuru massage, the genital area is not one of them. Partial body massages only relate to individual parts of the body like Shoulders, head, back, neck, face and Forß. Many wellness hotels offer full body massages on a weekend of pampering.

Usual procedure for a full body massage

As there are different to shape the full-body massage gives, the question of the process cannot be answered in general. The full body massage usually begins on Backchick. First, the person to be massaged lies down on their stomach on a comfortable one Massage table - Alternatively, it can also be placed on a blanket or a Massage mat to be massaged. In order to make lying down even more comfortable, bolsters are often placed under the Ankles placed.

Next up will be that Massage oil warmed up by the masseuse with their hands (or with the help of candles) and spread them on the back in gentle movements. How further massaging is carried out depends on the particular person Massage technique from. In the classic back massage, the Handles Kneading, brushing, pressing, knocking, rubbing and vibrating relieves tension. Stretching and stretching elements are also used in a Thai full-body massage. If the full body massage is a Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi-Nui massage, the back is with little pressure, instead with a lot of feeling and flowing movements massaged.

The next steps of a full body massage can be found at the Thighs and lower legs instead of. In a further step, the feet are usually also massaged. Here the foot reflexology can be an element of the treatment. The full-body treatment ends with a massage of the arms and a relaxing one Head massage. Depending on the treatment, a manual Lymphatic drainage respectively.

The different forms of full body massage

One form of full body massage is that Thai massage, which consists of a system of different massage techniques. Unlike the Swedish massage (the classic massage), the main focus of the Thai massage is on Stretch positions and Stretching movements. Since many of the movements are based on Indian yoga, the Thai massage could be a combination of passive yoga and describe pressure point massage.

In addition to the traditional Thai massage, the Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi-Nui massage is also a popular form of full-body therapy. Lots Thermal baths and hotels offer this type of massage as a wellness massage. Compared to other full-body massages, the Lomi-Lomi massage is more similar to esoteric body work. This should be done by flowing movements that start on the back and later continue on the front part of the body balance be restored between body and mind. In Hawaii, this massage was previously performed by shamanic healers to prepare the patient for a new phase of life.

A well-booked wellness full-body massage is also the Ayurveda massage. Here the body is massaged with lots of oil and gentle movements. It is somewhat similar to the Lomi-Lomi massage, but can also contain other elements. It says on the flyer with the Massage offer one Thermal bath the term “full body massage” or “vital massage” without the addition “Ayurveda”, Lomi-Lomi ”or“ aromatic oil ”works therapist or the therapist usually responds to the specific wishes and needs of the patient. During the full body massage, various massage techniques such as Acupressure, Knead the Back muscles and reflexology can be done.

How the full body massage works

The Full body massage has a broad spectrum of activity, from simply relaxing to relieving serious medical problems. Any form of massage promotes the local Blood circulation of the limbs, lowers blood pressure and pulse rate and has a relaxing effect on the Musculature. For acute and chronic diseases such as rheumatism A (full body) massage provides pain relief. Specific Wellness massages, which involve the whole body also have a stress-relieving effect - also due to the long treatment duration of up to three hours.

Who offers full body massages?

Full body massages belong mainly to the range of Wellness hotels, saunas and thermal baths. Thai massages, Lomi-Lomi massages, Ayurveda massages and other aromatic oil full-body massages are offered here by medical Specialist staff carried out.

How long does a full body massage take?

The duration of the respective Full body massage depends on the treatment. A classic Thai massage consists of at least 77 individual treatment steps. To carry out these steps, the treatment must be at least 60, better 90 minutes last. Depending on the symptoms, Thai massages are available for up to three hours. Also Lomi-Lomi massages last at least 60 minutes. If you want to feel the full benefits and really let yourself go, you should book a 90-minute massage. The general rule is: Since several areas of the body are being massaged, it takes time Full body treatment longer than a partial body massage.

What does a full body massage cost?

The costs for a full body massage vary depending on the type and duration. A 60-minute Thai massage is therefore cheaper than a 90-minute Lomi-Lomi massage. Usually the special forms of massage like Lomi Lomi and Ayurveda are a bit more expensive than Ganzkörpermassagen, who “only” work with classic massage techniques.


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