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Pension Insurance in the USA

If you have already worked in Germany for a few years and thus paid into the German pension system, you are probably wondering what happens to your German pension insurance and your pension entitlement when you emigrate to the USA.

The American social security system is at the core of social security in the United States. The state pension consists of a statutory pension and disability insurance as well as a survivor's pension (Old Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance, OASDI for short).

If you live and work in the United States, you must pay social security contributions. Nevertheless, it is advisable to take care of a private financial provision in America as well. In the land of unlimited opportunities, people born in 1960 or later have reached retirement age at the age of 67. However, it is not uncommon for retirees to work past retirement age.

Germany has a social security agreement with the USA, which includes pension insurance. In order to meet the requirements of the social security agreement, German emigrants must have paid pension contributions in Germany for at least 60 months. If that is the case, there is the possibility of receiving an old-age pension from Germany. If you have paid into the pension fund for less than 60 months, you have the option of a premium refund.