For which material possessions are you grateful

Material happiness - a destructive illusion?

"Every German produces around 23 kg of electronic waste a year."

Since the beginning of the 20th century, people have tried to believe that happiness and consumption are closely linked.

But is the feeling you get when you buy a new car or smartphone really lucky?


The great brainwashing

If you think consumption and happiness go together, I can't even blame you. The advertising and marketing industry does a very good job of letting you know that you cannot be happy without consumption.

Then when you get a new car or smartphone, you feel something that feels like happiness. However, this "luck" has a very big catch. It only lasts a short time. Maybe a couple of days or, at best, a couple of weeks. But there comes a point where your life gets back to normal.

So in order to maintain this happiness you have to consume at regular intervals, as this happiness depends on your consumption. As long as your wallet is full, you can theoretically maintain this lifestyle. But what happens when the money runs out?

Then you fall back on the ground in free fall. If you can't come to terms with that, sooner or later you'll dig deeper into your bag of tricks ...


Consumption creates credit slaves

What would a true thoroughbred consumer be without a credit card? Of course, you should also be able to consume beyond your means. So you just borrow your money from the bank if your own is no longer enough. But what you should know: you are making yourself a slave to the banking system. Because as long as you owe someone something, that someone determines your life. For the beloved consumption you are then ready to jump as high as you are asked to.

Your own freedom is then over. Because then you no longer work for yourself, but for the bank. At first glance, this example may look a bit exaggerated, but it has actually become the norm. Or do you still know someone these days who did NOT buy their house or car on the basis of a loan or financing?


Is the school system to blame for everything?

It's no secret that the school system is not designed to turn you into a critical, free-thinking person. The school system is designed to prepare you for a life as a worker and part of society.

And since we are a consumer society, you will be prepared for that too. Work and consume! Personal development, interests and a happy life are of course put on the back burner. The economy has the highest priority! This mentality will be hammered into your head for at least 10 years. So do you still wonder that society works the way it works these days and that the real cause of sustainable happiness is never addressed?

If you are happy without consumption, why should you still consume? That must be prevented with all might! The industry wants infinite growth. This growth is only possible if the industry throws new things onto the market every year that nobody really needs.

Sustainable brainwashing is required so that you can buy these things. If people were happy without consumption, our economy would sink into the ground and would no longer be competitive. Then of course the political power structure would crumble.


A scratch on the surface

Is your lack of possessions really responsible for making you unhappy or is the lack of possessions just a symbol for something completely different? For a lack of self-confidence or for false friends who only want you around because of your possessions and not because of your character?

Is it not your possession, but only your world of feelings and thoughts that makes you unhappy? To answer this question, of course, you have to be able to reflect. Get this job over with and stop hiding behind material things and consumption.

Happiness comes from within

True happiness is a decision and is completely independent of external factors. Why are there millionaires who are heartbroken and happy people who have next to nothing?

If you want to believe our social “values”, this should not be possible at all.

No thing in the world is responsible for your happiness. You decide when and if you are happy. Regardless of time, place and ownership.

The more you own, the greater your fear of losing it all again.


Back to the source

But how do you find your happiness outside of consumption? With the right attitude!

Why don't you just be grateful for what you have instead of chasing after what you lack? How can things that you don't even have such an impact on you? What you don't have is an illusion.

Unhappiness cannot be based on something that does not exist. Because then the misfortune would not exist either. Be grateful for your health and the health of your family. Be glad that you have food on the table, a bed to sleep in and a roof over your head. Once you have recognized this value, you will never seek your happiness outside again.

You already have all the resources for happiness within you. You have always been there. Happiness is a superlative in itself. Happiness is a decision!


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