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Cleaning company Koblenz - cleaning service for companies and authorities

Cleaning company Koblenz - reliable building cleaning also in the surrounding area for years

The city of Koblenz is one of the German cities with the best future prospects for companies. In addition, many federal and state authorities have their headquarters here. In order to maintain the value of the large farm buildings, commercial customers commission our cleaning company in Koblenz. Alles Clean24 takes care of the maintenance cleaning, the basic cleaning and, if necessary, special services with well-qualified cleaning staff. Modern cleaning technology is available for all these small and large purposes of building cleaning in Koblenz. This enables us to reach high facades from the outside and remove dirt quickly and thoroughly from traffic areas. Our unique selling points also include customer-friendly handling, adherence to deadlines and absolute discretion.

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Maintenance cleaning in Koblenz in an exemplary overview

Whether in insurance buildings or production halls in the Koblenz vehicle and machine industry: maintenance cleaning must be carried out at least once, often several times a week. As a cleaning company in Koblenz and the surrounding area, Alles Clean24 takes on these detailed services:

  • Maintain your floors with a vacuum cleaner or mop, depending on the size and nature of the room, with other suitable cleaning technology
  • Cleaning of furniture and furnishings in accordance with the material with a duster or other cleaning agents, as far as possible and necessary with environmentally friendly use of cleaners
  • Tidying up and cleaning of adjoining rooms, for example loading and unloading dishwashers
  • Cleaning of sanitary rooms and, if necessary, carrying out disinfection measures
  • Staircase and staircase cleaning, refilling of consumables, emptying the waste bins

We always assign the same employee to our commercial customers at each location. This creates a good knowledge of the spatial conditions. This ensures a thorough routine of the individual work steps in maintenance cleaning in Koblenz. In addition, the cleaning staff has good local knowledge. Regardless of whether there are crowds of people gathering for the flower and wine festival or traffic jams during the world music festival: In an emergency, employees can then take alternative routes to your building. So you can always rely on our adherence to deadlines.

Office cleaning in Koblenz - appropriate to the material and regularly

The office cleaning in Koblenz can be compared well with the maintenance cleaning already described. Alles Clean24 carries out material-specific cleaning once or several times a week. Office technology without dust and floors without dirt retain their value longer. Your employees will also feel more motivated in a clean office. This increases performance and thus your business success. A special feature of office cleaning in Koblenz are the times when our cleaning staff are deployed. You shouldn't be disturbed during your business hours. So we arrange the work of our cleaning company in Koblenz in the morning or after work with you. If this cannot be arranged due to flexitime, you can also commission office cleaning in Koblenz for the weekend. It goes without saying that the assigned employees adhere to our requirements of discretion, adherence to deadlines and thoroughness at all times.

Building cleaning in Koblenz - our cleaning service for special services

Our qualification for commercial properties of all kinds also includes such cleaning technology for special services in Koblenz. This technology is necessary, for example, to properly clean machines and systems in industrial cleaning. We use safe technology on high facades and windows up to the highest floors in Koblenz. At the same time, every employee is trained in handling the lifting platforms and cleaning machines. Are you renovating your commercial property in Koblenz or building from scratch? Then our cleaning company in Koblenz will be happy to come over for building cleaning. The individual cleaning steps are general building cleaning, building cleaning and final cleaning. The schedule can only be set roughly. Everything Clean24 can only clean room by room if construction progresses accordingly. Another special service of our cleaning company in Koblenz is the caretaker service. This includes maintenance and thorough cleaning, minor repairs, the maintenance of green spaces and, depending on the weather, punctual and thorough winter service. The preparation of individual vehicles or entire vehicle fleets is also part of our building cleaning expertise in Koblenz.

Here we clean as a cleaning company in Koblenz and the surrounding area

Many of our commercial customers have been entrusting us with all of the detailed building cleaning services for a long time. In Koblenz, we always send the same cleaning staff to each location. In small law firms and offices, the task is taken on by a single employee. A whole team from our cleaning company works in large buildings in the automotive supply industry, bank buildings or authorities. But even with such major tasks, the same employees always come to you. We carry out building cleaning in Koblenz in these districts:

  • Old town, Bubenheim and Asterstein
  • Arzheim, Arenberg and Ehrenbreitstein
  • Horchheim, Güls and Goldgrube
  • Lay, Kesselheim and Horchheimer
  • Immendorf, Karthauser and Lützel
  • Metternich, Niederberg and Moselweiß
  • Neuendorf, Oberwerth and Rübenach
  • Pfaffendorf, Pfaffendorfer Höhe and Rauental
  • Stolzenfels, Wallersheim and Südliche Vorstadt

Are you looking for a building cleaner in Koblenz for maintenance or basic cleaning? Then the best thing to do is to call Alles Clean24 right away, or request a consultation by email!