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Blonde Swedes: This is how blonde Swedish women and men really are


Are that many Swedes really blonde?

Yes. Compared to Germany, the proportion of blond people in Sweden is significantly higher. About 50-80% of the Swedish population - depending on the region - have light hair. In Germany it is 20-49%. However, most of them are not as blonde as they look. Many turn their medium blonde, natural hair color into light blonde. Recognizable in / by the beginnings. ;) Why so many Swedes are blonde, further down in this article.

"Light hair coloration map" by Dark Tichondrias - w: en: Image: Map of Europe (political) .png. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Beautiful Swedes: Swedish models

Distribution of blondes in the world

Around 2% of the world's population are blonde. According to the definition, the dark blonde shades are also included. The proportion of light blondes is therefore significantly lower than just every 50th person on earth.

Indeed, the highest density of blond, blue-eyed, fair-skinned people is in northeastern Europe.


Origin of the blonde hair color

Anthropologists assume that a gene mutation in the originally dark-haired people took place around 20,000 to 40,000 years ago. It is claimed that the carriers of the mutation - which is also responsible for the light skin color - were able to spread better in northern areas with less solar radiation. Fair-skinned people have a higher sensitivity to UV radiation than dark-skinned people, which increases in more southern areas. In contrast, blond and fair-skinned people have the advantage of producing more vitamin D even when there is little sunlight, which has given them an evolutionary advantage in northern regions.

This is why so many Swedes are blonde: Efficient vitamin D producers. :)

The claim that blonde hair color is critically endangered is also rejected by scientists.

Inheritance of blonde hair color

Two dark-haired people can have a blonde child if one of the two has a corresponding, suppressed “blonde allele”. Two natural blondes, on the other hand, cannot have dark-haired offspring.

Hair color of Sweden

Below is a video of a school leaving certificate from a Swedish school in a medium-sized, typically Swedish town (Ängelholm). At the parade you can get a reasonably good impression of which hair color is common among Swedes or which is ordered from the hairdresser. ;)

Blondes is known to be primarily women. No colloquial established name has yet been found for men. Maybe you have a good idea ?!

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