What martial art did ninja do

Ninjutsu: Martial art of the ninja

The martial art Ninjutsu is made up of the traditions of ninja schools. It is a very traditional martial art that should be kept secret whenever possible. That is why it is only taught as a closed combat system. Ninjutsu is around 800 years old and comes from Japan.

The most important in advance:

  • Translated, Ninjutsu means the "art of enduring"
  • The origin of ninjutsu can be found with the shinobi or ninjas in Japan.
  • Ninjutsu is understood to mean the martial arts of several organizations (Bujinkan, Genbukan and Jinenkan)
  • In the past, martial arts were not only taught in ninjutsu, but also the teaching of espionage and the training of fighters.

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Ninjutsu equipment & training

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Ninjutsu videos

So that you can get an idea of ​​the martial arts, you will find a few popular Ninjutsu videos below.

Who is ninjutsu for?

Ninjutsu is the only martial art in which there are no fixed forms and kata. No wonder, because “Jutsu” stands for “art” and art is known to be something free. Accordingly, in ninjutsu you will be prepared for all stages of a physical confrontation so that you can cope with it successfully. In ninjutsu it is not speed or power that form the basis, but rather a superior technique and movement concepts.
  • Basically, the training of ninjutsu is suitable for everyone from the age of 16. It can be adapted to the individual physical requirements, the personal requirements and the wishes of each student. That's why ninjutsu can too into old age be trained. For Women Martial arts are also suitable. The lessons take place without any pressure to succeed. Each participant determines for himself what he wants to achieve and is supervised accordingly by his teacher in his project.
  • Regardless of the physical conditions, previous knowledge and age, both improve Ability to move as well as the body feeling. The physical skills are developed. The spiritual development but also plays an important role in training ninjutsu.
  • Ninjutsu is meant to be yourself too defend against stronger and larger opponents to be able to. It may take a few years until you have mastered the martial arts properly. Therefore you should bring perseverance and patience with you.

Special features of ninjutsu

The martial art deals with all aspects of unarmed and armed combat. The term ninjutsu is used to describe the martial art of the Japanese ninja. It was created between the twelfth and fifteenth centuries. If you translate Ninjutsu literally from Japanese, it means something like "the art of enduring". Ninjutsu is also known as the “art of the persevering heart” because self-discipline, perseverance and patience are the basic principles of ninja fighters.

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