Can a woman live happily alone

Life as a singleHappy alone?

Many people can come to terms with their solo existence very well, younger ones between 20 and 30, fully occupied with training and job search, or older women who - possibly widowed - can easily adjust to being single again.

And the studies also show that the image of being single has also changed. Life alone is now much more recognized.

Moving out of home without starting a family? Not a rarity anymore. Starting a household without a partner? Absolutely normal. After all, life is pretty good regardless of family obligations, with time for friends, an income that only has to be enough for one person. So it's no wonder that the number of single-person households is increasing in Germany?

Financially heavier burden?

But as pleasant as it can be to be responsible only for yourself, there are also downsides. In times of crisis in particular, family cohesion can be lacking, warn sociologists. And when it comes to financial burdens, single households are not doing so well in comparison.

Happy alone? We talk about life as a single in the "Lebenszeit" on Deutschlandfunk. What are the advantages and disadvantages, what are the reasons for a life without a permanent partnership and what effects does it have on society when so many people are single?

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Our guests:

  • Ursula Samrey, staunch single
  • Dr. Julia Hahmann, family sociologist, University of Vechta
  • Jens Müller, justdates - single leisure time offers