What is your favorite historical nation

Which is your favorite nation?

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    Hello everybody,

    What is your favorite nation to play with in Empire? In the beginning I always loved playing with the Netherlands because they already had a few colonies and you could discover all aspects of the game right from the start.

    In the end I really enjoyed playing Prussia. In one campaign I even took all regions of the world with Prussia. That was really exciting

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    I can only agree, so I preferred to play Prussia and then Netherlands. I think it is easier and more pleasant to start with small (starting) nations because you determine your fronts yourself (more or less)
    (Hate nation : Ottoman Empire way too big)



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  • As nooby as it may sound, I was initially attracted to the British.
    On the one hand I wanted to subjugate France and at the same time secure the colonies.
    Unfortunately, that usually resulted in either completely conquering India or America. Both were difficult at the same time when you also have to fight land wars in Europe: cool:

  • Prussia for life!
    There is no other choice xD

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  • So far I have ONLY played with Prussia: Maybe I did 5 rounds with the British, but that got too boring for me. It's simply the most exciting part of Prussia.

    Tip: It is worth overruning the Swedes at the beginning and the entire Northern European continent. Then Russia and Poland. So you have a hell of a lot of untouchable provinces that put a lot of money into your coffers, at least if you expand them. I have now defeated all of these provinces / nations and can easily run 8 full stacks.

    So definitely Prussia

  • I think Prussians are the best I played with them a lot, but the British weren't bad either

  • At the moment I really enjoy playing the darthmod and as a Prussian I can of course only play one faction.
    If you don't know the mod yet, you should definitely try it out, finally a crisp AI on the battlefields and on the campaign map, historical units, fixed buildings and and and. This makes the game 100 times more fun for me than in the original.

  • In the Netherlands and Birtannia it was annoying that you always had to advance Protestant pastors in Europe.

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  • I always like to play with Prussia, have conquered everything with them. Only the USA (originated from my conquest of England) were part of the party :-).

    Second, I liked to play with the British. I had to fight a lot against the French and Indians in Darthmid.

    Unfortunately, the diplomacy features of Napoléon are missing in empire.

  • Prussia, of course

    Later I tried it with the British ... but then let it stay and instead won France as my 2nd favorite nation.

    Monarchy must of course be preserved: cool:

  • In ETW mainly, even if many can understand it net, the 13 colonies. It's tricky for me at the beginning against England and Spain, but when you have completely defeated the American part it becomes a good starting point to invade Europe and India at the same time.

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  • I used to play the Russians in the darthmod. Since there is always a surplus of men, I also immediately subdued the Osmannen, Austria and finally Prussia and Sweden. And with the Russians also founded a colony in America (in Canada they would have to speak Russian instead of French or English if it was possible after my conquests: D).

    Otherwise, of course, Prussia simply for reasons of homeland. Or Sweden because I'm a Sabaton fan;).

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    North Rhine-Westphalia

    My favorite faction are the Marathas and then Russia.
    The Marathas are just so exotic and this makes them stand out from the rest of the factions. I also found it very interesting to start in India first and not in Europe.

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  • I started with the British, then with the Swedes and finally with the Russians. The Russians have given me the most fun, good starting position on the edge of Europe to then attack said Europe in the "Red Army style" . Unfortunately, they had problems conquering colonies

    I can only recommend the Darth Mod, especially the 40 unit mode . Nice 30,000 men in an army The AI ​​has also been greatly improved.

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