Does the sign language differ between countries?

The editor | 06/26/2020 Is sign language understandable internationally?

We suspected it - with your hands in your pockets it won't work. Apart from the fact that it's rude to communicate with other people like that. For the sign language interpreter Claudia Oelze, it is simply part of being in motion while speaking. She finds people very interesting who underline their language through movement and also reads a lot from the movements. Even sentences "between the lines", so to speak.

If someone is "extremely happy" in the truest sense of the word, but his body expresses something different, then she will notice it more than others. She has noticed this several times. We should be aware of this when communicating with people who can speak sign language. They observe their counterparts much more carefully.

Next, we learn that sign language is a language that may well be a mother tongue. As a child of deaf parents, Claudia Oelze initially grew up "speechless", so to speak, at least in the way that hearing people understand language. But that's a bit presumptuous, because - we will go into that in more detail - sign language is its own language and not an alternative waving.

That was the communication we had at home. And then I went to kindergarten when I was three and had to learn to speak for better or for worse.

Sign language interpreter Claudia Oelze

The first language is crucial for the child

That means: she would not have needed it. From her point of view, she was satisfied with her language, only of course it was difficult to communicate with other children, and as a child she also had the feeling that the other children did not want to understand her. It is also important for a child to have a secure language, she says. Other languages ​​can then build on this. That means: the parents or the home environment must have a perfect command of this first language, otherwise it will go wrong.

If my parents had spoken to me, I would probably not have produced a good spoken language or good sentence grammar, because my parents did not have a secure command of this spoken language, because they would not have been able to control it due to the hearing impairment.

Sign language interpreter Claudia Oelze

What is meant by this can often be seen in families of immigrants of Turkish origin whose children speak a rather peculiar form of the German language. They were not taught German by a native speaker. With children growing up bilingual, it would be wise if each parent speaks to the child in their mother tongue so that the child does not even learn "broken" German or English.