In Frozen 2, Elsa will be gay

“90% sure”: Elsa is said to be a lesbian in “The Ice Queen 2”

After the overwhelming success of Disney's "Frozen - Totally Unabashed", a sequel was quickly decided. In the second part, too, Queen Elsa, sister Anna and snowman Olaf will once again give a catchy tune or two. The rumor mill has long been simmering about a major change in the main character. An insider now wants to know more and is certain: Elsa becomes a lesbian in the sequel!

We have to be patient a little longer, because the sequel to the Disney hit “The Ice Queen - Völlig Unabashed” will not be released in German cinemas until next year, on November 28, 2019. Nevertheless, the sequel is already being discussed. It has long been suspected that the main character Elsa in the second part will have a friend at her side instead of the usual Disney prince and thus become the first homosexual Disney princess in the history of the global corporation.

"90% percent safe"

Now a new rumor has started circulating that speculation about a lesbian Elsa is fueling further. The blogger Mario Francisco-Robles has now revealed in the latest edition of his "The Fanboy" podcast that he is "90% sure" that Elsa will get a girlfriend in the sequel. Francisco-Robles claims to have learned this from reliable sources. Even if the decision for a lesbian main character has already been finally made, it is still not clear how Elsa's sexual orientation will be thematized in "Frozen 2". In any case, it is certain that the mouse company would not only write film history with this change, but would also be doing its fan base a big favor.

Will Elsa become the first queer Disney princess ever?

The term “queer” describes various forms of gender identities and sexual orientation and is primarily directed against pigeonhole thinking. Queer describes all non-heterosexual identities, such as gay, lesbian, transgender or asexual ways of life. With a lesbian Elsa, the Disney group would bring the first queer Disney princess in film history to the screen. This would make the “Frozen” fan community especially happy. This has been calling for a future Disney princess to represent the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community. Already since the cinema release in 2013, viewers suspected that the title song “Let It Go” was a coming-out anthem and that Elsa was expressing her suppressed feelings in it.

This is what the director of "Frozen 2" says

In an interview with the Huffington Post, "Frozen 2" director Jenniger Lee already announced that she is very positive about the wishes of the fans and the discussions about the main character and therefore has a lot of conversations. She also wants to approach the issue very conscientiously. These statements naturally give rise to hope. A number of users have already spoken out in favor of a lesbian Elsa via Twitter and urged Disney to rethink under the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend:

Whether Disney will actually have a partner at the side of its main character in the sequel remains uncertain, despite everything. The group, which is considered to be rather conservative, has often been criticized in the past for only hinting at LGBT characters in its films, but never being open to them. With “Frozen 2” Disney could finally set an example, silence the critics and, last but not least, strengthen the queer community. We are excited!