What's your shadiest experience in Istanbul

Ottoman relics and Bosphorus tour

Come with us: discover Istanbul's past, stroll through imperial remains, then take a panoramic cruise across the Bosphorus to see the city from a different perspective!
Here are the highlights of the day:

The walls of Constantinople were one of the last magnificent fortifications of antiquity. The first breakthrough of the walls occurred in 1204 during the fourth crusade, the second in 1453 by the cannons and troops of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror. Check out the remains of this great symbol of the Eastern Roman Empire.

Take the bus to the Golden Horn
The Golden Horn played a key role in the development of Istanbul: a port that serves as a shelter and natural military defense. The entrance divides the European bank into two parts. It is almost eight kilometers long and the widest part is the entrance from the Bosphorus. We drive along the coast and enjoy the impressive panoramas.

The Spice Bazaar (Turkish: Mısır Çarşısı, Egyptian Bazaar) is one of the largest bazaars in Istanbul and the place where everyone can find unique and delicious spices. Located in the Eminönü area of ​​Fatih district, it is the second largest covered market after the Grand Bazaar.

BOAT TRIP ON THE BOSPHORUS: Take part in this amazing cruise between the two continents of Europe and Asia! Ride the Bosphorus past the Dolmabahçe and Beylerbeyi palaces, wooden villas and mansions to the Rumeli Fortress near the Black Sea.

Then we take a short break for lunch. We will continue the tour in the afternoon.

Topkapi Museum
The Topkapi Palace is now one of the largest museums in Istanbul and one of the most important in the country.
It is an unusually rich treasure chest that is honored with manufactories and works of art of enormous historical importance. You will suffer the embarrassment of being rich: there are so many things to see and the size of the place is not going to help you! In fact, the palace covers 30 hectares: go the wrong way and you will have to walk three times too far.
For centuries it was the royal mansion of the Ottoman sultans from the 15th to the 19th centuries, and you will see with your eyes (and feel with your feet) what kind of palaces they built for royal guests!