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The pivotal point of the Christian understanding of penance is the biblical image of man: he is a creature of God who called him into life in his own image, gave him reason, determined freedom and accepted him into his love. To live in friendship, knowledge and worship of God is therefore the real, ultimate meaning of human existence.

Man freely chooses between good and bad

But to live in the love of God also means to obey the rules set by God in free obedience. This is how man finds his true essence, his perfection. Since he acts as a rational creature of his own accord and in free self-determination, he can also decide against owed obedience and against God's love for sin.

Sin breaks fellowship with God

In sin, man misses his destiny. Sin is turning away from God and breaking fellowship with him. A person who lives in sin lives apart from God and his fellow men. According to the Church's understanding, sin is thus:

  • an abuse of the freedom God gives his creatures to love him and one another;
  • a violation of reason, truth and the right conscience;
  • a mistake against true love for God and for neighbor;
  • a violation of human nature and human solidarity;
  • an insult to God;
  • a disobedience, a rebellion against God;
  • the conscious or unconscious turning away from God and his commandments.

Sin makes man mortal

So the problem is people - right from the start. For God created a perfect world without suffering and without death. He put Adam and Eve in his garden to see him face to face. But Adam and Eve denied God's privilege to require obedience. They broke his law and thus brought death into the world at the same time as sin.

The descendants of Adam and Eve cannot redeem themselves from this culpable entanglement in death and sin. Therefore, since the fall of man, all souls have fallen into hell. But God has mercy on his creatures and sends his own son as atonement for the "sin of the world". Through his voluntary death and resurrection, Christ overcame death, sin, and hell. With the help of the forgiveness brought about by Christ, all souls have received back the hope of immortality and eternal communion with God. Baptism is the symbolic seal and at the same time the real gift of this reconciliation.