What do you do with external activities

External Tableau Activities

Various activities are organized independently of individual companies by Tableau or by the leaders of the Tableau Community. Users should also participate in such activities. For a full list of planned community events, see Events and Conferences. This section covers the following external activities:

  • Local Tableau User Group - customer-led sessions in major cities around the world
  • Tableau virtual user group - customer or Tableau hosted online meetings
  • Tableau Public Virtual Contests - Community-led programs focused on skill development
  • Tableau Community Forums - dedicated areas for participating in discussions, searching topics, asking questions, and sharing insights
  • Tableau Roadshows - Tableau hosted product launch events
  • Tableau Conference - annual customer conference in both the US and Europe
  • Iron Viz Contest - Tableau's annual data visualization contest

Regional Tableau user groups

A Tableau user group is a customer-organized form of communication at whose events users can learn, collaborate and network. Tableau's 250+ user groups around the world are organized by geographic area. The meetings are usually held in business offices or at universities. Both the organizer and the participants benefit from a Tableau user group. It offers a free training opportunity for employees on site and a good opportunity to get actively involved in the community.

Tableau virtual user group

Industry user groups are often targeted by customers. More and more people can connect with colleagues in the following 14 active industry groups: Server Administration, Healthcare, Government, Education, Legal, Retail, Data and Women, Nonprofits, Insurance, Higher Education, OEM Partners, Tourism and Hospitality, Manufacturing and Loss Prevention.

Virtual Tableau Public Competitions

Tableau Community-hosted events are hosted by Tableau Community Leaders and Zen Masters. They inspire Tableau users, show ways to solve problems, and offer different perspectives on how to use Tableau. However, this list is far from complete.

Makeover Monday promotes your data visualization and analysis skills by addressing different perspectives and approaches to data visualization. Makeover Monday is a weekly global training and development session hosted by Tableau Community Leaders and Zen Masters. Every Monday, the participants create improved and more meaningful visualizations based on a specific database. Check a fixed time limit ("timeboxing") of one hour to speed up the work.

Workout Wednesday allows you to improve your Tableau skills by testing your knowledge of Tableau. Participants in this weekly event are asked to repeat the tasks as precisely as possible. When you're done, post a comment with a link to your visualization and share a photo on Twitter to get everyone acquainted. Try to complete the tasks within an hour. Solutions are available for all tasks when you get stuck.

For more information and a full list of the Tableau Community-hosted virtual competitions, visit the Tableau Public’s Community Resources page.

Tableau Community Forums

The community forums are where you can find answers and help others, contact users, and make suggestions for future Tableau product releases. Search topic pages for information, ask questions, and share your insights. For more information, see Tableau Forum Policies.

Tableau Conferences

Customers attend the Tableau Conferences to learn more about how they can work faster, get inspiration, connect with other attendees, and build long-term connections. Regardless of whether you are dealing with data analytics for the first time or whether you are an experienced expert: The topics and content of a Tableau Conference raise your knowledge to a new level. From lectures and hands-on training to collaborative meetings and meetings, a Tableau Conference offers something for every learning style, including Tableau and customer-led breakout sessions, training workshops, and certifications. The events are held annually in the USA (Tableau Conference) and in Europe (Tableau Conference Europe).

Iron Viz competition

Iron Viz is a special data visualization competition from Tableau where you have the opportunity to compete against data rockstars from around the world. The winners of a number of themed qualifying competitions are eligible to compete as finalists in the championship, a live competition at either the {1} Tableau Conference Europe {2} or the {3} Tableau Conference {4}. Information on this, including For the schedule, see this article.