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Pizza chain now sells pizza crust - so only the crust!

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Just the edge? Just the edge! Imago

Pizza chain now sells pizza crust - so only the crust!

It's difficult to trust Donald Trump, especially on culinary matters. We're talking about pizza. New Yorkers nearly had a heart attack when the future president was filmed in 2011 eating a "slice" with a knife and fork.

When it comes to pizza, he has his own views and agendas. In the mid-1990s, the Pizza Hut chain was promoting its Cheesy Crust, a pizza with a cheese crust. Trump and his then ex-wife Ivana shot a commercial with the slogan "Crust first" in which he first bit into the edge.

The campaign seemed to be paying off, with Pizza Hut selling pizzas with a cheese-filled rim worth $ 300 million that year. Since then, the crust has had a stubborn cult following. Some don't eat it, for others it's the best thing about pizza.

The pizza chain Villa Italian Kitchens from New Jersey has also recognized this potential and only offers the pizza edge:

Crust-only boxes can be ordered across America starting July 18 for $ 2.75.

"After a record number of customer inquiries regarding Villa Italian Kitchen's crust and what makes it so delicious, Villa Italian Kitchen decided to give people what they wanted and serve an order for crust only," reads in an explanation on the website.

Three ask:

  • 1. What happens to the rest of the pizza?
  • 2. Will the rest be served to people who always leave the edge behind?


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