What are the ideal BTS looks

BTS member takes a drastic beauty step: Now the singer is almost unrecognizable

The K-Pop band BTS has been thrilling the masses for some time. With the predominantly female fans, the band is not only popular because of their singing skills, the seven members are also looked at because of their appearance. However, one of them has now changed this drastically.

The horror news for BTS fans does not seem to want to end at the moment: It was only recently decided that Jin will have to do his almost two years of compulsory military service in South Korea, now there is another member who is attracting attention with his new look.

Jungkook surprises everyone

Singer Jungkook is one of the most popular members of the Korean boy band. He recently decided to say goodbye to his usual look and so the rather long hair comes off again.

This type change gives the singer a whole new look. The opinions among the fans are divided. For example, @girlsgeneration writes on Twitter: "I can't even complain, you still look stunning" or @ BtsArmy45611110: "He always looks good".

However, some fans also react with concern and disappointment. @ btsarmykorean2 posts a GIF of Jungkook with his old haircut and writes "We will miss this style" and @btseoulove writes "Jungkook, I hope you cut your hair because you really wanted it, not because you it had to ".

Creative fans

Some ARMY fans even get really creative and post a compilation with Jungkook's hair through the ages.

We are definitely excited to see which of the band members will dare to take the next step towards a complete makeover. The boys are definitely creative and brave too. It wasn't until the beginning of the year that they post a picture of themselves that shows several of the members with dyed hair. At that time they did not opt ​​for really subtle colors, because some of them not only opt for the granny style (i.e. gray hair), but bright blue and pink are also represented.

But no matter what the guys do: ARMY will certainly stay loyal to them, no matter how unusual their looks get.