Which one has a higher salary package

To the correct salary expectations

The more convincingly you can justify your salary expectations, the more likely you will get them through.

The usual salary range
You can obtain information about the salary range in your industry for your professional field from the industry and trade associations (e.g. BITKOM, BDI or BVMW), the Chambers of Commerce and Industry (IHK) or the trade unions. Another way are online databases such as www.personalmarkt.de or salary studies published by Jobware, e.g. B. von Kienbaum.

Convincing arguments

The usual salary range determined in this way provides an initial orientation. There will be cases where the salary is well above this range and others where the salary is well below. You should prepare yourself to be able to explain why you consider a classification within or above the salary range to be appropriate for you:

Hard skills
The better your specialist skills, which are important for the company, are, the more likely it is that a correspondingly high salary requirement can be derived from this. Anyone who can make it clear that their knowledge and the associated quality of their work contribute significantly to the success of the company massively increases the willingness of the company to offer an adequate salary. Verifiable (references, job references) and clearly visible successes (publications, trade fair appearances) contribute significantly to one's own market value.

Work experience and achievements

In some industries or companies, the collective agreements provide for an increase in the salary with increasing professional experience, which may lead to younger colleagues being given preference. We therefore advise against basing the argument on professional experience.

However, the company wants to avoid risks and prefer to buy guaranteed successes. Verifiable, perhaps even clearly visible successes contribute significantly to one's own market value. References or job references can be given as evidence. It is great when the successes z. B. were published at trade fairs.

Your network
Anyone who is valued by experts, competitors, customers, suppliers or even the press or politics has a first-class network that can be of great value for the employer.

Your potential

Those who continue their education, perhaps also learn languages, who see changing framework conditions not as a threat but as an opportunity for innovation, are part of the potential that leads the company into the future.

Other influencing factors on the salary

As already indicated, the salary and its development depends largely on the industry in which you are employed. Depending on the professional field and professional experience, it can be opportune to at least not rule out a change of industry if a significantly higher salary is sought.

A tight labor market means higher salaries. In the fantastic year 2000, there are said to have been young professionals who earned more than colleagues who were there for 3 years. Companies with full order books and missing employees will be more willing to pay and offer higher salaries - in order not to lose employees and also to gain more.

Where employees are particularly sought after, salaries rise locally. This can be observed in the development of locations and especially large cities in southern Germany. Where the cost of living is particularly high, higher salaries are regularly offered - in order to attract employees despite the general conditions.

The salary package

The salary package includes all benefits that you receive in addition to your salary. Commissions, profit sharing and performance bonuses can make up a large but flexible part of your salary package. Other components can be a company cell phone, a company laptop, a company car, travel allowances or the company pension scheme. Perhaps the company will also provide a one-off contribution towards the costs of your move or provide you with an apartment for a limited period of time.

Note: Desired salary in the cover letter
Only state your salary expectations in the cover letter if this is expressly requested. The total is the annual salary including any one-off payments (Christmas bonus, vacation bonus, bonuses) The formulation can be: “My current salary is around € 65,000 gross per year. If I change, I imagine an increase of X%. ”Anyone who wants to agree or has agreed on flexible salary components can use the term“ target salary ”to clearly signal their willingness to do so.

Conclusion: stay on the carpet
Show willingness to negotiate: Those who are convinced of their performance will be more likely to accept a gradual increase in salary following the probationary period or be more likely to get involved in significantly higher flexible salary components. Any status thinking is clearly visible when it comes to cars.