How much does the average accountant earn

The salary as an accountant

Accountant is a multifaceted profession that plays an important role in numerous industries. But what about the salary options as an accountant? On this page we present you the average salary as an accountant, which we have calculated on the basis of our own database.

Gross salary as an accountant

Monthly gross salary2.554,36€
Annual gross salary30.652,33€
How much net?

According to our database, the average monthly salary is € 2,554.36. The hourly wage is therefore € 16.37, which amounts to an annual salary of € 30,652.33.

Our current salary records for the job of accountant

You can see the latest data sets that have been sent to us for the profession of accountant below.

Data sets from May 20, 2021
Gross salary in €Agegenderworkplace
2.500,0037Female28209 Bremen
1.300,0036Female12555 Berlin
3.000,0041Female41189 Mönchengladbach
2.750,0037Female14913 Jueterbog
2.500,0050male59494 Soest
2.400,0050Female59494 Soest
1.729,0042Female48429 Rheine
2.500,0050Female54290 Trier
3.500,0036male82131 Gauting
2.250,0055Female01896 Pulsnitz

How much do you earn as an accountant?

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Average salary as an accountant by federal state

In addition to numerous personal factors, the place of work can also play a not insignificant role for the average salary as an accountant. This is due to the various structural economic conditions that exist in the various federal states.

The average salary by federal state as an accountant can be found in the following list:

federal stateGross salary in €
North Rhine Westphalia2.557,56
Baden Wuerttemberg2.680,08
Schleswig Holstein2.862,50
Rhineland Palatinate2.490,00
Mecklenburg Western Pomerania1.500,00
Lower Saxony2.367,61
Saarlandn / a
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The salary as an accountant according to marital status

In Germany, due to the 5 different tax brackets that determine the amount of income tax, there is a salary difference between married and unmarried employees in many professions. This is also the case in the bus driver's profession, as the following illustration shows:

marital statusGross salary in €
single parent2.539,01
The income difference between married and single parents is: 90.013381478335 (3.42%)

The salary by gender for the accountant profession

Since there is still a relevant pay difference between men and women in most occupational fields, the gender pay gap is still an important issue. This describes the gender-dependent salary difference as a percentage.

The gender pay gap between accountants is 19.37%. According to our database, the average salary for women is € 2,404.38, while men as accountants earn around € 2,981.91 on average.

genderGross salary in €
The income difference between men and women is: 577.52824880831 (19.37%)

The average salary by age for the profession of accountant

Another personal factor that can affect wages is age. The average change in salary by age in the accountancy profession is shown below:

Age range in yearsGross salary in €
18 - 204.000,00
21 - 252.330,13
26 - 302.738,18
31 - 402.779,00
41 - 502.451,46
51 - 602.475,11
61 - 702.263,43

The salary based on work experience as an accountant

In addition to age, the practical experience that an accountant can demonstrate can also have an impact on earnings. The following overview shows the average salary according to level of experience:

Work experience in yearsGross salary in €
1 - 21.867,14
2 - 52.644,79
5 - 102.499,29
10 - 202.502,88
20 - 302.662,55
> 302.712,00

Average salary after graduation for accountants

Since there is no uniform training path for bookkeepers, the school-leaving qualifications that they can produce are particularly different. However, different educational qualifications also go hand in hand with different average salaries. How these look exactly is shown here:

graduationGross salary in €
no graduation1.560,00
Secondary school leaving certificate2.200,00
Intermediate maturity2.316,15
University entrance qualification2.771,38
General University Entrance Qualification2.983,31
Commercial / trade2.497,50
Bachelor (BA)2.483,33
Bachelor (FH)1.753,25
Bachelor (Uni)1.940,00
Diploma (FH)3.149,50
Diploma (university)2.950,00
Master (FH)2.800,00
Master (Uni)2.000,00

The average salary as an accountant based on the number of employees

The chances of a higher salary can increase with the size of the company. It is therefore advisable to also take a look at the average salary for accountants based on the number of employees in the company:

Number of employees in the companyGross salary in €
1 - 51.756,92
6 - 252.223,00
26 - 502.703,88
51 - 1002.973,00
101 - 2502.633,80
251 - 5002.764,55
501 - 1000n / a
1001 and more3.000,00

The benefits of being an accountant

In addition to the salary, many professions offer special benefits and other advantages offered by the employer. These benefits could be observed for the accountant profession:

Accountant - The Most Important Facts

  • Bookkeeping is one of the most important tasks in a company.
  • Income and expenses not only have to be accurately recorded for the tax return. Annual reports and balance sheets are an important basis for business decisions.
  • As a commercial clerk, the accountant records all financial movements in the company.
  • Numbers and calculations are the focus of the activity, but he also has the whole company with all its business areas in view.

The accountant as a commercial clerk

  • The job title 'accountant' is not protected in Germany, so that in principle anyone can call themselves that and act as such.

Nevertheless, a completed apprenticeship as a commercial clerk is usually necessary for employment.

In addition, there is a qualified further training to become a 'certified financial accountant', which is usually paid for with a better salary.

During the apprenticeship as a commercial clerk, the basis for work as an accountant, the salary is between EUR 700 and EUR 900 per month, depending on the year of the apprenticeship. After their apprenticeship years, young professionals can look forward to a salary of EUR 20,000 to EUR 26,000 per year.

With increasing professional experience, the salary increases to up to 38,000 EUR per year.

Not every company can hire its own accountant. Often freelancers take on the tasks that arise.

In principle, it is possible to earn more as a freelancer than your employed colleagues, but career starters in particular should not underestimate the great expense of customer acquisition and the uncertainty of freelance employment.

Training to become an accountant

Bookkeeping is one of the most important tasks in a company. Whoever wants to practice the profession of accountant cannot do a specific one training do.

This is an additional qualification and a further step on the career ladder.

But how do you become Accountantif you can't learn it in an apprenticeship?

Bookkeeping is not a protected training occupation. Anyone who wants to learn the specific knowledge of this professional group first needs commercial training as a basis. After a few years of professional experience, you can finally complete further training to become an accountant.

Many economics students are also interested in a job in accounting. The advanced training is mostly part-time and in most cases is supported by the company. If you want to become an accountant "on your own", you usually have to pay the costs yourself.

Accountant seminars are often offered by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Various distance universities also offer this training. Many institutions issue the participants with a certificate as a “certified accountant” after their training. In addition to the commercial training already mentioned, one must also have character traits such as

  • independence
  • Accuracy and
  • Diligence

to be able to practice this profession.

Accountants know exactly about the finances of their company and must therefore never lose track of them. The tasks of this professional group include:

  • Audit of income and expenses
  • Posting income and expenses

The salary of an accountant depends on his education. While trained businessmen and women earn between 1,700 and 2,300 euros gross, accountants with a degree can expect up to 4,000 euros per month.

Various further training courses in the financial sector can also increase income.

Further training opportunities for an accountant

Anyone who decides to become an accountant after completing a commercial apprenticeship or studying business administration not only has a respected and responsible job, but also perfect opportunities for advancement.

Accountant have different options of further education - which you should definitely make use of. Because you don't have to be satisfied with the starting salary in this job.

  • Many assume that you can train to become an accountant. However, this is wrong. The job itself is a further training course, which is usually done by businessmen and women.

After training to become an accountant, you are nowhere near the end of the career ladder. Accountants who are interested in further training have various options.

If you want to specialize even more in the field of numbers, you can, for example, complete further training to become an accountant and complete with a certificate. The duration of this training depends on the time required by the provider.

While many seminars are part-time and therefore take longer, others are offered full-time. Such advanced training is of course completed more quickly.

Distance learning to become an accountant is even more flexible in terms of time than continuing education. If you decide to do so, you can take your further education into your own hands from the comfort of your own home. The great advantage of distance learning: You can devote yourself to the content if you have the time and the inclination.

Instead of going to school and forcing yourself to study, you decide for yourself when and where you get closer to your goal of becoming an accountant. Distance learning is only recommended if you have the absolute will to achieve your professional goal. Since you don't have any fixed guidelines, you have to constantly motivate yourself to keep going - and that is difficult for many people.

Providers of further training and distance learning in the field of accounting include:

  • Chambers of Commerce and Industry
  • Study Community Darmstadt (SGD)
  • Institute for Learning Systems (ILS)

Anyone who is not supported by their employer in the course of further training to become an accountant can request help from the Employment Agency. This supports employees who want to retrain to become accountants financially, if this increases their chances of a (better) job.

Do you earn enough as an accountant?

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