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I would add a few new things to the heroku-accounts-plugin ... in this example it is assumed that the pre-existing heroku account will heroku.working and you add a new heroku.personal account.

He also describes how to move an app from one app to another, for example when you've hit your 25 app max and create a new account and want to move some of your projects pages and experimental apps from your main account.

  1. You probably need to create the plugin BOTH your old and your new accounts, for example if you had to start with, you can't just add a new heroku.personal, you need to create heroku. work to replace your old one
  2. You have to assign your old apps to your heroku.work
  3. If you move an app, don't assign the app to heroku.personal (with) up to Transfer the app using the heroku command as described https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/transferring-apps

So the steps you will likely need are:

  1. Install the heroku account plugin
  2. Go to heroku.com and create your new account (if you don't already have a second account)
  3. create a new heroku.Work account to replace your old standard account (i.e. with the same credentials that you have with everyone). You must ALSO upload your new key for heroku:
  4. create a new heroku.personal account (e.g. use your new credentials for your new heroku account). You must ALSO upload your new key for heroku:
  5. For each app, cd into the project root then run (everything causes setup git to use your heroku.work, which (unin this example) has the same heroku account that you have with everyone together, only today it's called heroku.work .
  6. If you would like to have an app from heroku.work on heroku.personal, (a) add the new heroku account as an employee with (b) in your local directory, switch the app on heroku.personal with (c) transfer ** to use the app from the old to the new account then (d) remove the old email address an employee (if you want) with

** Note: the heroku link I provided tells you there are special requirements to run an app with the paid resources. Usually, remove the paid finding aids, then add them back later, or have the assistance do.

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