Is bluegrass hipster folk music

The hip Hitler

A comic does hipster bashing with a mustache

The trend-conscious hipster with horn-rimmed glasses and skinny jeans is often targeted by comic artists. In "Hipster Hitler", Adolf Hitler becomes a hipster and discusses questions of style with Goebbels. By Dirk Schneider

At the height of the time

"Skyfall" has what it takes to become a James Bond classic

The shaken, not stirred Martini, the technical gadgets with which 007 is equipped, the striking villains and the seductive Bond girls. All of this can also be found in the new 007 adventure "Skyfall". With "American Beauty" director Sam Mendes, by the way, an Oscar winner has taken the director's chair for the first time. By Jörg Albrecht

Last contemporary documents by Jimi Hendrix

A photo exhibition about the Love-And-Peace Festival in the Berlin gallery nhow

It was his last big appearance that Jimmy Hendrix had in 1970 on the Baltic island of Fehmarn at the "Love & Peace Festival". This year the musician would have turned 70. In Berlin you can see photos that the photographer Frauke Bergemann captured at the Love-And-Peace Festival. From Gesine Kühn

Deep yet hilarious

Corso talk about the movie "Oh Boy"

Niko wanders through Berlin, aimlessly, without drive. He broke off his law studies, but his father, who is bursting with money, doesn't know. The film "Oh Boy" has already garnered great praise - and is now coming to the cinemas. Jan Ole Gerster and Tom Schilling in conversation with Fabian Elsäßer

Many varieties of techno

Berlin Music Days start on Wednesday

At the Berlin Music Days - abbreviated as "BerMuDa" - there are four days in trendy clubs, parties, workshops, lectures and films - and at the end a big concert at Tempelhof Airport. By Oliver Kranz

"We really loved the record"

The classic by Farin Urlaub and Bela B. "Drop out with the Barracudas"

Before founding Die Ärzte in 1982, Bela B. and Farin Urlaub were so impressed by the album "Drop out with the Barracudas" that they were tempted to become a surf band. From Winfried Hammelmann

Stylish answers to the throwaway society

How to save clothes from the garbage can and transform them in an original way

More and more people are relying on the do-it-yourself principle. Because it is cheaper, protects the environment and produces highly individual pieces. The fashion journalist Henrietta Thompson shows how this works, including the innovative results, in her book "Make new from old". By Ruth Rach

Poet of the German comics scene

Ludwiggalerie Oberhausen shows works by Ulf K.

His works often tell of little people in the big world. That also fits the character of the comic artist Ulf K., who especially feels at home in his hometown of Oberhausen. By Christian Möller

On the hunt for street art

The 64-year-old Berlin-based Angelika Bruer documents street art with a camera

She is a real connoisseur of graffiti and street art. The 64-year-old Angelika Bruer from Berlin documents fast-moving street art with her camera. She has now collected around 6000 photographs in her albums. And new ones are constantly being added. By Lukas Grasberger

Metaphor for today's life

The musician Donald Fagen in Corso conversation about his new solo album "Sunken Condos"

"Sunken Condos" could also be a "Steely Dan" album, if only because of Fagen's distinctive, cutting voice, but it swings a little more and leaves more space for Fagen to play on the electric piano. Donald Fagen in conversation with Christiane Rebmann

With irony and full of passion

New album by the British band Madness

Politics was and is unimportant for the band Madness in music. This also applies to her tenth studio album "Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da". Musically, the record is a mixture of 60s pop, Rummelpaltz romance, ska and sentimental melodies. By Kurt Gerland

Musical examination of the failed marriage

New album "O que deus devasta mas também cura" by Lucas Santtana

Santtana comes from the northeast of Brazil. He is one of the most famous sound inventors on the new Música Popular Brasileira scene that has emerged over the past ten years. He dedicated his new album to his ex-wife. By Camilla Hildebrandt

Nordic folk pop

With "Silver Secrets" the singer Ingrid Lucas presents her second album

The Estonian-Swiss singer Ingrid Lukas regularly provokes comparisons with Björk. Others think of her more like Tori Amos or Regina Spektor. She accepts it with a shrug and describes her style as "Nordic-spherical", not entirely unironically. From Marina Schweizer

From the infant ward to the deathbed

Purple Schulz speaks about his new album in the Corso conversation

After the break with a music major, it took the Cologne musician Purple Schulz 15 years to produce an album again. For this, Schulz claims the title "pop music for adults" for himself. With Fabian Elsäßer

Is what !?

The satirical weekly review

One of them made one phone call too many and is now out of his job. The other took too much medication for years and is now losing his seven Tour victories. And in the German parliament? It will be tight, because there will soon be too few seats for too many MPs with and without additional income. From Stefan Reusch

Folk in the family

Martha Wainwright's new album "Come Home To Mama"

Martha Wainwright is the daughter of singer / songwriter Louden Wainwright III and Canadian folk musician Kate McGarrigle. Her fourth album "Come Home To Mama" was made shortly after her mother's death and is heavily influenced by this experience. By Dennis Kastrup

Obsessed with pop

The artist Lutz Dammbeck writes about his path to art

Lutz Dammbeck is a painter, graphic artist and filmmaker. As a professor he teaches in Leipzig, where he was born and studied himself. Socialist realism has never interested him, pop and rock have inspired him. In "Obsessed by Pop" he describes his path to art. By Ulrich Biermann

"We have seen so much monkey theater"

Corso talk with Thomas Weiser and Golo Sturm from the band Boppin'B

Boppin'B emerged from a school band in Aschaffenburg. Even 27 years later, they are still wearing Locke and are on the road on behalf of Rockabilly. They meet swing, punk and psychobilly. By Ulrich Biermann

When sweet melodies are sawed up by a guitar god

Wilco guitarist Nels Cline on deconstruction in music

It was certainly no coincidence that after various line-up changes in the early years, guitarist Nels Cline has been a permanent member of Wilco since 2004. The common denominator was and is: Breaking up song structures. Yesterday Wilco played in Cologne. Nels Cline in conversation with Anja Reinhardt

Night life versus night's sleep

Warsaw hipster hotspots are struggling to survive

Berlin, the trendy metropolis, faces competition 600 kilometers further east: Warsaw is turning into a magnet for young hipsters from abroad and cosmopolitan, creative Poles. In the once dreary and gray capital, more and more alternative clubs and bars are opening up for the new generation - also to the annoyance of the old ones. By Adalbert Siniawski

Soundtrack for the unknown life film

The new record by the Berlin musician Malakoff Kowalski

Sometimes life is like a movie. What is still missing is the right music. This is how the Berlin musician Malakoff Kowalski may have thought when he made his new album "Kill your Babies - Filmscore for an unknown picture". By Bettina Ritter

Mutation of a museum excursion into the 18th century

New films in the cinema

Detlev Buck filmed the story of the natural scientist Alexander von Humboldt and the mathematics genius Carl Friedrich Gauß. Buck's adaptation of "The Measurement of the World" is coming to the cinemas in 3D, but it is not convincing, says our critic Hartwig Tegeler. By Hartwig Tegeler

More than Lara Croft and mountains of white muscles

The new political correctness in the digital gaming world

Computer game characters are often based on flat stereotypes. Women have unnaturally large breasts; men are white and muscled. So far, there are hardly any black or even homosexual protagonists in the gaming world. A fact that more and more gamers are now complaining about. From Christian Schiffer

The man for fine word games and weird thoughts

The Bavarian comedian Peter Spielbauer in the Corso conversation about his new program "Yübiläüm"

His programs are called "However, allerdongs", "Das Flatte Blatt" or currently "Yübiläüm". Peter Spielbauer is one of the word acrobats among comedians. While many of his colleagues at the Cologne Comedy Festival prefer quick laughs and flat punchlines, Peter Spielbauer is more the man of fine puns. Peter Spielbauer in conversation with Andreas Main

German Comedy Award 2012

Impressions from the Cologne award ceremony

The carnival city of Cologne is celebrating itself as the humor capital again these weeks. A total of 240 artists will be performing at the Cologne Comedy Festival until November 3rd - a festival that not only features comedy, but also poetry slams and classic cabaret. Fabian Elsässer in conversation with Marietta Schwarz

About rescued pigs and goats with prostheses

Filmmaker Jenny Brown runs a farm for abused animals in Woodstock

Jenny Brown lives in Woodstock. In the place that became the Mecca of the hippies in 1969, she runs the most famous sanctuary in the USA - the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. Brown has given up her career as a documentary filmmaker for 200 caring-intensive animals. From Gesine Kühne

Juicy reckoning with the music of the last decade

Simon Reynolds book "Retromania"

Pop critic Simon Reynolds reckons with current recycling strategies and undisguised plagiarism. His thesis: Today musicians are so littered with a constantly available meta-archive of music data that they can no longer come up with something of their own. From Peter Backof

Got sobbing at Bach

My classic: Sari from the Wise Guys about Johann Sebastian Bach

The classic by the singer Marc Sahr from the a cappella formation Wise Guys really comes from classical music: it honors Johann Sebastian Bach, whose compositions gave him access to classical music. From Marina Schweizer

Close to life and sometimes very tough

Cabaret artist Bruno Jonas presents his book "Bis zum Hals" in the Corso talk

The cabaret artist Bruno Jonas has been on stage for 40 years - also as a director and actor. He has the satirical show "Die Klugscheißer" on Bayerischer Rundfunk and a new book has been published by him. With Marietta Schwarz

A radical peace preacher

The New York political rapper Brother Ali and his provocations

Brother Ali is considered one of the most radical political rappers in the United States. On the cover of his new album "Mourning in America and dreaming in color", the 27-year-old kneels on the American flag and prays to Allah. The artist sees this as a conciliatory gesture. From Christian Lehner

Not child's play

Many young game inventors hope to be discovered at the Essen game fair

At the game fair in Essen, which has now ended after four days, over 800 new products were presented. Some game inventors have already landed the big hit, many others are trying to bring their ideas to the publisher on site. From Nadine Lindner

Quirky paper mess on the masts and walls

Joab Nist on his blog "Notes of Berlin"

The best stories lie on the street or hang on lampposts - this was the experience of cultural scientist Joab Nist. Joab Nist is 29 and has been publishing notes on his blog “Notes of Berlin” for several years that are left all over the city. Joab Nist in conversation with Marietta Schwarz

The silent revolution of codes

Mercedes Bunz in a Corso conversation about the idea of ​​how algorithms change our lives

Mercedes Bunz coined the term “urban bum” and thus triggered a discussion about the young creative class that moves from one internship to the next and can be financed by their parents. Mercedes Bunz in conversation with Marietta Schwarz