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2000s Fashion: 5 Easy Ways To Bring Your Inner Teenager To Life Now

2000s fashion: Relive the teenage nostalgia of the 00s with these fashion trends

In 2002 the Russian music duo t.A.T.u. hit the music charts with his teenage scared hit "All the Things She Said". In the mid-2000s, Marissa Cooper from "OC., California" made sure that we all walked around in jackets with stand-up collars, ballerinas and preppy polo shirts. Meanwhile, Paris Hilton became the figurehead of the Juicy Couture era, including kitschy jewelry and a micro-bag.

Fast forward to 2020: Marc Jacobs recently launched his co-ed line "Heaven", which oozes teenage nostalgia (even the campaign images provide us with interior inspiration from the 2000s - that is, lava lamps, metal beds and pop stars -Poster).

Marc Jacobs' 2000s fashion in "Heaven"

© Photography by Larissa Hofmann Courtesy of Heaven by Marc Jacobs

It's no secret that Millennials and Gen-Z are the founders of the new nostalgic fashion. Among Depop enthusiasts (over 21 million), "Y2K Dressing" is a popular search term that can include anything from outfits inspired by Chloë Sevigny's internship at Sassy magazine circa 1992 to her infallible combination of socks and loafers that paved the way for hipsterism in the early 2000s.

Throwback fashion has given us consolation this year and points to more carefree times; and as we near the end of the year, their impact only increases. The obsession with knitting on social media is continuing, and pleated miniskirts are booming on Instagram (as are small-collared shirts reminiscent of high school uniforms).

5 nostalgic 2000s fashion trends you should know about

1. 2000s college knitwear

You should know these brands: Gimaguas, Lirika Matoshi, House of Sunny

Our muses: Bella Hadid, IG trendsetters Camille Charrière and Cierra Nia

As the queen of all trendsetters, it comes as no surprise that Bella Hadid recently discovered academic fashion. Last month she was spotted wearing a 1970s-inspired checkerboard knit from Spanish brand Gimaguas, paired with casual pants. With our fondness for loungewear not seeming to be waning, the revival of college knitwear (including the sleeveless tank tops with deep V-necks that currently dominate our IG feed) is poised to offer the Juicy Couture hoodie as the most ironic statement in 2000s fashion to replace. Our advice? Complete one on Hadid, with roomy pants and classic Dr. Martens, and unleash your inner teenager.

2. 2000s mini kilts

You should know these brands: Coperni, Chopova Lowena, Le Kilt

Our muse: Maisie Williams

Fans of the thigh-short skirt listen up! The mini-kilt continues to be the undisputed symbol of youth - and the Gen-Z is largely responsible for the comeback of the ultra-short skirt (it's like it's never been gone). Short seams bring back memories of long-forgotten parties and spontaneous picnics in the park - in 2020 we will orientate ourselves on the sitcom stars of the 1990s (namely Rachel Green from "Friends" and Ashley Banks from "The Prince of Bel-Air") . Our muse: the "Game of Thrones" actress Maisie Williams in her Coperni skirt, styled with a controversial style statement from autumn / winter 2020/21, a pair of rubber boots.

3. Socks and loafers from the 2000s

You should know these brands: Eytys, Martine Rose, Vagabond, Loewe

Our muses: Zoë Kravitz, Chloë Sevigny, IG favorites Chili Dia and Reese Blutstein

Chances are a shiny pair of loafers is on your Christmas wish list after Stockholm label Eytys made the unisex classic even more desirable. The brand has given the preppy favorite, worn by model Chili Dia, for example, the perfect twist with a chunky sole. The Copenhagener combines her "Angelo" loafers with a buttery soft box-shaped jacket, a patchwork top and ankle-length satin trousers. For an extra dose of teen spirit, you should wear a patterned cardigan in student look or statement jogging pants (we can only recommend Alexa Stark's cheerful floral models here). Her New Years walk has never looked so rebellious.

4. Kitschy jewelry from 2000s fashion

You should know these brands: Beepy Bella, Blobb

Our muses: Iris Law, Richie Shazam, Kiko Mizuhara, Mia Regan

OK, candy-colored resin jewelry was last cool when we were nine; On the other hand, we quickly realized that fashion trends 2020 are as unpredictable as our Twitter newsfeeds. To put it simply, quirky jewelry is in, and there's no shortage of brands that offer delightfully kitschy accessories. Whether the ornate colorful rings from the Mexican brand Blobb or the pearl-studded necklaces from Beepy Bella - collect the good pieces.

5. 2000s Peter Pan collar

You should know these brands: Ganni, Frankie Shop, & Other Stories

Our muses: fashion stars Imani Randolph, Courtney Trop, Tracee Ellis Ross, Harry Styles

If, like us, you watched the entire 4th season of The Crown within 48 hours (yes, really), you've surely noticed Princess Diana's fondness for the prairie collar. Decades later and our necklines have never been more conspicuously decorated - but today with the difference that the gender-neutral part develops a life of its own. Gucci fan and US VOGUE cover star Harry Styles skillfully combined an eye-catching collar with pearls and high-waisted trousers, while the Scandi brand Ganni has produced a legion of #GanniGirls who have removable poplin collars with a comfortable button-up (see New York trendsetter Imani Randolph) in such a way that we almost want a (school) uniform for 2021.

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