How is heaven described according to the Bible?

How will it be in heaven

Many people have asked themselves what it will be like in heaven. However, the Bible only describes it in brief words and mostly in pictures, because we humans cannot really grasp the glory there.

So John climbs up into heaven in a vision (Revelation 4,1ff.), But his gaze is mainly focused on the throne of God and thus on God himself. What he sees and hears he describes in pictures and symbols. His description of the four cherubim (angels at the throne of God, verse 7), for example, must not be taken literally, but should only say something about their properties (they are royal, strong, intelligent, etc.).

But John writes little about the surroundings of the throne. He is too drawn to the glory of God and the angels that he has no eye for anything else. We only read of a sea of ​​glass that shimmers like crystal (verse 6). Maybe today Johannes would speak of a sea of ​​lights. So for him heaven is a place of glory.

According to various statements in the Bible, believers will not spend eternity in heaven. After 1000 years they will return to earth (Revelation 20: 4; 21: 1ff.). But God made this earth completely new. John tries to describe them with human terms and images, but his gaze falls mainly on the new Jerusalem - because God lives there.

Isaiah already speaks of the new earth. In chapters 65: 17-25 and 11: 6-9 he describes a little of life there. Some of the texts in Chapter 65 have been translated incorrectly. Therefore they should be explained briefly.

Verse 20 - This does not mean that people are still dying on the new earth. There will be no more death! Rather, Isaiah wants to say: Whoever dies here on our earth at the age of one hundred has only the age of a little boy for the people of the new earth. While a centenarian was considered by the Israelites to be blessed by God, this is simply nothing in terms of eternal life.

Verse 23 - Child mortality was a common problem back then because it didn't have the medical care we have today. The prophet wants to say: This kind of suffering will also no longer exist because they will no longer father children (by the way, Jesus says that people on the new earth will no longer marry, Matthew 22:30).

Isaiah then describes paradisiacal conditions. And that is exactly what the new earth will be: a paradise like the Garden of Eden. Therefore we can imagine a little what it will be like on the new earth, namely indescribably beautiful. There we will be able to do what we enjoy (Isaiah gives two examples: It was important for the Israelites to be able to build houses and plant vineyards; Handel would probably rather enjoy being able to compose and play heavenly music "Hallelujah" fades). In any case, we will live there with the people we love, in a world full of natural wonders and a magnificent capital. But the most important thing is what John writes in Revelation 21: 3: God is with us and nothing will separate us from him!