Is freedom in danger

Corona demo: where the danger to freedom lies

The demonstration against the Corona measures in Berlin claimed to want to protect freedom and human rights. The lack of distance and protective measures fit into the logic of the protesters. However, those who travel with right-wing extremists support precisely those who do not have freedom and human rights in their program, comments Daniela Vates.

Berlin. It was not an unusual sight for Berlin: a few thousand roam the streets, close together. 20,000 participants like in the demonstration against the corona measures gather again and again. There were not a few people, but there have also been large protests.

Nevertheless, the demonstration was special. At a time when keeping your distance is considered the best way to avoid contracting a virus that can spread easily and can be deadly, the protesters not only refrained from keeping their distance, but also from using a surgical mask as a substitute.

This is understandable in their logic. According to the demonstrators, the virus either does not exist or allegedly poses no danger. The real danger is different: human rights and freedom are at stake.

You could think so. Hundreds of thousands of corona deaths and millions of infected people can be dismissed as no brainer or as fairy tales. One can put one's own reluctance to wear a mask and also the conviction that it is not useful over the worry of others about infection.

However, one should no longer speak of consideration. Freedom does not end at the tip of your own nose, but also applies to others.

Even if fears can release anger, the aggressiveness with which some of the demonstrators appeared is anything but convincing in terms of content.

Anyone who marches together with right-wing extremists, “Reichsbürgern” and other despisers of democracy because of their convictions of health, must seriously ask themselves the question of their political coordinates and who they let themselves be captured by.

Those who wave the Reich war flag and abuse journalists use freedom of expression, freedom of the press and democracy only as hollow words in their mouths. If there is any danger to freedom, it is here.

By Daniela Vates / RND