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    Last October my boyfriend broke up with me, we travel together for almost 3 years and we have lived together for 1 year. I am 22 years old. At that time we had a serious crisis, I don't know exactly the reason for the separation, one time it was said he wanted to live his life, then that it just doesn't work that way, etc. At that time, he made friends again with his former boyfriend, because strangely enough, he too was separated at that time .. and from this point on everything went downhill, for the time being my my ex, I don't have to stress myself because of moving out etc. we lived together for about another month, which were fine, I don't tell him anything more, went out and he was always worried and wanted to squeeze me where I was .. I then moved out overnight because I couldn't take it any longer and he has changed a lot, it seems to me just because of this friend of his.

    When I moved out, the message came the next day that he is sorry that he was so angry and that he doesn't know what's wrong with him, and that he can't do anything if there's nothing left between us, I wrote only briefly back, and then it started ... we are already 6 months apart and since then he had written to me at least once a week, he looked in the pretexts .. and always said he didn't know what he wanted, etc But I never went into this, at some point we met every now and then and everything was actually quite okay .. and now recently on our former anniversary he spoke to me that he often thinks of me and etc. in short, whether we could take it slow, and let's see where it takes us, .. only its operation was that no one should know, at least. now at the beginning, for a month everything went pretty well, .. he slept with me very often and always combed without my asking him, everything only voluntarily from his side, then i was invited to dinner at his parents' house, ... and Everything was good, only now for 1-2 weeks, we suddenly have no more contact, I wrote to him that I can't understand that and he came up with how interest should grow if I never get in touch and that this does not work that only one person does something for it and the other does not, etc. there are so many misunderstandings again .. i just wrote back on this that he had to be clear about what role i play in his life as long as this If this is not the case, this will be difficult and that you just have to talk openly with each other, if you are already talking about taking it slowly, ... and now there is no radio, ... to be honest, I don't know what to think of the whole thing ...

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    I am completely at the wind, because my "boyfriend" has an allegedly only sexual relationship with his best friend.
    I have to explain the following: We had a very good relationship (almost 5 years) until his father suddenly passed away on Christmas 2 years ago. His best friend had had a fatal accident two years earlier. He had a difficult relationship with his father for a long time, which improved towards the end. But suddenly he was gone. At first we were very close, then he withdrew more and more. He always ran to his best friend, I was completely unimportant. He was aggressive, you couldn't please him anymore. In February of this year I said that it would no longer work that way, that it would be the end for me. I wanted to give him a warning sign. He took it literally and always said that I had broken up. Since we still lived together (we built a house, had family plans, etc.), he kept running away. He kept saying he needed distance. I started clinging stupidly. He kept trying to approach me, but was completely beside himself and couldn't bear any touch.
    Outwardly, he was always normal and everything seemed fine.
    At some point I couldn't anymore and moved out. Here the same game again: advances, withdrawal, injuries.
    We had booked a vacation in the summer and I gave him an ultimatum that we had to make a decision; what happens next, otherwise I'll cancel my vacation until the end of June. He then said that we should try again. We have this; went well for a week, then his oh-so-best friend interfered, didn't want me to go on trips, etc. I had long assumed that she was more interested in him than in a boyfriend. He never saw it that way. In any case, this dispute has again cast a great shadow over our relationship. We then went on vacation, but on the 4th day it broke out of him, minimal cause and he broke up. It's crazy that afterwards he felt like a different person and was able to allow closeness. We were able to talk and spent a great holiday, although the basic situation was of course modest and we both lacked something in terms of our relationships. Back from vacation, I moved out again; I was looking for a psychologist. The suspects a post-traumatic stress syndrome with him. We then did a lot together, he enjoyed it too, had a great conversation in which he admitted that he still loved me, that he was so sorry, that I had to suffer so much from the situation. He had tears in his eyes several times. I thought we were on the right track. Then the shock. 3 days ago I found out (I suspected it for a long time and the clues were very obvious at the weekend) that I asked him if there was something between him and his "best friend". His answer: "I have no other, but I have about another and that is her". I was completely blown away. He says it isn't a thing, we are separated. He wouldn't have a relationship with her either, it would only be purely sexual. Sure, with your best friend. He would like it to go on with us so relaxed and at the same time visit his best friend. Totally awesome!
    His mother is completely blown away, says she doesn't know him like that. This constant back and forth and also this story now. He was never a child of sadness, but he was always correct with women.
    What's that all about? I have now broken contact, drove to my parents and will move to a holiday home when I return.
    I love him, but I don't know how to ever get over it if he changes. If he changes again at all.
    I am very desperate and hope, but also afraid. Fear that it will never work again, fear that it might work again, but then it always stands between us.
    I always thought that I would fight and fight for him too. Was always there for him, also when it came to his family, etc. And now this!

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