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A transvestite, also abbreviated as tranny or TV, is a man who likes to put on women's clothes; not to be confused with a transsexual who goes further than just being men in women's clothing (see also transsexuals). That is why TVs have nothing against being provided with the male article while it is called "the" transsexual.
A transvestite is most likely to have something in common with a cross-dresser; it denotes the wearing of clothes of the opposite sex in public and in private. Whether and, if so, what differences exist between transvestites and cross-dressers cannot be said exactly - actually both are exactly the same, only that the cross-dresser can also be a woman.
Cross-dressing is something that women have been doing for a long time, namely walking around openly in men's clothes without worrying ...
The entire area is also called transgender, which translates as crossing the boundaries of one's own gender.
Transvestism can range from the ladies' lingerie carrier who only wears female underwear under his normal clothes to the tranny who, including wig, make-up and artificial tits, actually looks like a real woman at least at first glance.
Particularly flashy, weird and strikingly dressed transvestites are also called drag queens. Drag are the first letters of the longer form “dressed as a girl”.
Contrary to popular belief, wearing women's clothes says little about sexual orientation. There are TVs that are homosexual, i.e. looking for men as partners, there are heterosexual transvestites who are exclusively interested in women, and there are bisexual TVs.
In contrast, travesty is when someone only plays a person of the opposite sex on stage, for a play or a film, but does not do so privately.


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