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Massage gun comparison 2021

The test and comparison portal from BILD.de presents you with the best massage guns.

You don't have to go to a professional massage studio to relax your muscles after exercise or just in between. With a practical massage gun loosen muscle stiffness and at the same time relieve deep-seated pain in the fibers.

Numerous tests on the Internet focus on massage guns that use different speed levels are provided. Now choose a muscle massager from our comparison table, which particularly quiet is working.

Massage gun recommendations

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Buying advice: How to find the right product in our massage gun comparison 2021

the essentials in brief
  • Ideally, a massage gun will come to you with several attachments. This allows the muscle massager to be used effectively and in a targeted manner. While the classic ball head is particularly suitable for massaging large areas, a U-shaped massage head, for example, is recommended for use in the area of ​​the spine.
  • For a pleasant application, we recommend a massage gun, which is particularly quiet. You should therefore ensure that the device has a volume of no more than 60 dB.
  • A rechargeable battery in the massage gun ensures that you can use the muscle massager independently of a power source. In this regard, it is just as important to have the longest possible battery life of at least three hours.

Regardless of whether you suffer from hardened muscles and want to solve them effectively or want to alleviate unpleasant muscle pain as gently as possible, a massage gun is not only very suitable for athletes. In the following sections, we will tell you which properties make the best muscle massager and what you should generally look for when buying it.

In our massage gun comparison 2021 on BILD.de, we would like to bring you a little closer to the muscle massagers of the best-known brands. You will also discover models from manufacturers that are not necessarily popular in our comparison table. Helpful tips and practical purchase recommendationsWe have put together for you in the accompanying guide which should support you in your search for the right massage gun. Find your personal massage gun test winner now.

1. What is the use of a massage gun?

The massage with a massage gun from various tests on the Internet is used to stimulate muscles, relieve tension and promote muscle health.

A massage gun can be used in the neck and shoulder area and is also for numerous other parts of the body suitable. With this muscle massager you release tension and at the same time relieve pain in the muscles. Massage guns are therefore versatile.

First of all, we at BILD.de would like to offer you the main advantages and disadvantages of a massage gun present:

  • the application possibilities of a massage gun are extremely versatile
  • Models with different massage heads can be used flexibly
  • low weight and compact design
  • can be used independently on many parts of the body
  • In comparison, a massage gun device is cheaper than a professional massage
  • Disturbing noises can often be perceived as unpleasant during use
  • Using the massage gun incorrectly can lead to an exacerbation of the hardening of the muscles
  • the duration of use always depends on the integrated battery

2. What are the different types of massage heads?

For the correct use of a massage gun, it is not only the device that is important, but above all the respective massage attachment. In the following table we have a small overview of the most common attachments for muscle massage guns compiled:

Conical massage head
  • Targeted trigger points can be massaged
  • ideal for a foot reflex zone and meridian massage
  • not suitable for large muscle groups
Cone massage head
  • tapers even more than the conical massage head
  • Excellent for areas like hands, feet or joints
  • can also be used for pain and trigger points
Air cushion head
  • has a slight suspension
  • doesn’t seem intense in comparison
  • especially recommended for joints and soft tissue
Flat massage head
  • works with a low intensity
  • very suitable for relaxing
  • Impulse force is distributed over the entire surface
U-shaped massage head
  • ideal for the neck, spine and Achilles tendon
  • massaging force comes from two lateral points
  • The special shape protects the bones in the middle
Round massage head
  • available in different sizes
  • are among the classics among massage heads
  • especially suitable for massaging large muscle groups
Shovel massage head
  • excellent for relaxing the muscles
  • versatile
  • very popular for massaging the stomach, shoulder or back
Claw massage head
  • has several massage arms
  • are usually arranged in a line or in a circle
  • very popular for massaging the calves

Conclusion: If an inexpensive massage gun is equipped with different attachments, the device can be used in a wide variety of ways. In addition to the round massage head, the model should also have a narrow attachment for massaging certain trigger points.

3. Purchase advice: Which criteria characterize the best massage gun?

The best muscle massagers from different tests on the Internet should ideally be equipped with different massage attachments.

If you want to buy a massage gun, the price is also decisive, but above all they are individual properties of the device crucial for satisfactory use.

We at BILD.de have the following for you most important purchase criteria for a massage gun for tension, sore muscles, cellulite etc. clearly listed:

  • Massage attachment
  • intensity
  • Battery life
  • volume
  • Massage mode

In the purchase advice we go into a little more detail on the categories that we find particularly essential.

3.1. Various massage attachments

Whether neck or shoulder, the massage gun is a muscle massager that is extremely versatile for, among other things, that Relieve muscle pain can be used. However, a massage gun is usually only as effective as its attachment. Various Massage attachments can be used for different purposes be used.

Tip: We at BILD.de recommend a massage gun with a classic ball head. This attachment is particularly suitable for treating larger areas on the body. If you want to massage hardened muscles in deeper areas, a cone massage head is also well suited.

3.2. Sufficient battery life

How often should you use a massage gun?

For the purpose of regeneration, it makes sense to use a massage gun after exercise. We do not want to give you any guidelines regarding the frequency. The most important thing here is the intensity of the training and the number of sports units you do.

For flexible use of the massage gun, not only the attachments are decisive, but also the availability of a rechargeable battery. If this can be charged, you can use the muscle massager very convenient and independent of a power source use.

Equally essential in this context is the battery life of a massage gun. In order not to have to charge the device after every use or to sit in front of an empty massage gun, we recommend a battery life of at least three hours. The best massage guns even have one Battery life of six to eight hours on.

3.3. Low volume

If you want to relax with a massage, nothing is more annoying than an unpleasant noise. Even if the use of a massage gun cannot be compared with a classic treatment in the spa, the device should nonetheless Work as quietly as possible. The setting of the intensity is often a factor which influences the volume of the massage gun in the operating mode.

Tip: Make sure that the Volume of the massage gun maximum 60 dB amounts to. Often the information from the respective manufacturer will help you in this regard, or you can take a look at our comparison table. Here we have clearly listed the respective volume of the muscle massagers.

4. Can a massage gun test be discovered at Stiftung Warentest?

The ball head is the classic among the attachments for a massage gun and is particularly suitable for stimulating larger muscle groups.

We are happy to offer you a varied overview of the different model types of a massage gun in our guide and the associated purchase advice. We would also like to support you with the purchase and have for that helpful tips and practical purchase recommendations collected.

So that you are on the safe side, we have informed ourselves extensively in advance about muscle massagers. Also take a look at the archive of the Stiftung Warentest took place on our part. However, we couldn't find a separate massage gun test there at the moment.

Also at Eco test an investigation of muscle massagers has so far not been carried out. You can find important information about the products here at BILD.de.

5. Which brands and manufacturers are popular with users?

A massage gun is ideal not only for tension. It can also be used to treat sore muscles. At least if the muscle massager is used correctly. A massage gun is just as practical during pregnancy.

The following Brands and manufacturers of massage guns are extremely popular and are often examined in various tests on the Internet:

  • Amazon
  • Theragun
  • Renpho
  • OxaOxe
  • ABOX

You can find inexpensive massage guns (also “made in Germany”) in specialist shops and on the Internet. You benefit from a wide range of offers, especially online. At the same time, the prices of different providers on Amazon or Ebay can be compared with one another extremely easily. Every now and then, discounters also offer inexpensive muscle massagers.

6. Important questions and answers about the subject of massage guns

Find a helping hand for using a massage gun on your back.

In summary, make sure that the massage gun is ideally with you various essays Is provided. This allows the muscle massager to be used flexibly depending on the needs.

At the same time, the model should have a low volume score points so that the massage can be enjoyed with the device and is not perceived as annoying due to the noise level. Also one long battery life A massage gun is extremely helpful because you don't have to charge the model after each use.

To conclude our guide, we would also like to take this opportunity to read two most important questions clarify, which are frequently asked by many users in connection with the subject of massage guns.

6.1. How is the massage gun used correctly?

In order to feel the effect of the massage gun, you should use the device for around 15 to 20 seconds move over the respective part of the body. However, it is important that you do not only use the massage gun on a single point. Instead, massage the entire area, always starting with a low intensity.

6.2. How long does it take to use a massage gun?

Using a massage gun on the neck, shoulder, back, etc. usually takes time a maximum of 20 seconds. Use the muscle massager for this though several times a day (up to three times). This type of application is also recommended by many professionals who advise against a massage for several minutes at a time.

Mark Freedom says about our comparison winner

TheraGun Pro
Currently available for € 632.62
»To the Amazon offer» To the Ebay offer
Speed ​​levelsYes
Is the arm of the TheraGun Pro massage gun adjustable?Yes, you can adjust the arm of the TheraGun Pro massage gun in 4 different arm positions. This allows you to reach more angles and areas on the body.
Hyperice massage gun
Currently available from € 329.99
»To the Amazon offer» To the Ebay offer
Speed ​​levelsYes
Is the Hyperice massage gun very noisy during use?No, the Hyperice massage gun works extremely quietly. This massage gun does not make any loud operating noises.

Did the editors also select manufacturers for the massage gun comparison who have cheaper products in their range?

In our massage gun comparison you will find premium and middle-class manufacturers as well as manufacturers with a product range for price-conscious customers. Of the total of 11 represented manufacturers, one of them is sure to have the right offer for you! More information "

Which massage gun from our massage gun product comparison is particularly recommended for customers who value a low price?

Customers who value a low price should choose a cheaper model (from approx. 71 euros) in our massage gun comparison or the price-performance winner BURNNOVE massage gun from our comparison at a price of 69.99 euros. More information "

What kind of rating did buyers give the customer favorite from our massage gun comparison?

The customer favorite from our massage gun comparison, the Hyperice massage gun, received 5.0 out of 5 stars from previous customers. More information "

Are ratings given by the editors in the massage gun comparison?

For better orientation, the editors assign ratings to the products included in the massage gun comparison. 4 massage guns shine with the top rating "VERY GOOD": TheraGun Pro, Hyperice massage gun, BURNNOVE massage gun and ABOX MG-008-2020. More information "

Massage guns in the test or comparison - all products at a glance

modelInterchangeable massage headsWeightOrder a massage gun
TheraGun Pro (comparison winner)Yes1.3 kgTo Amazon
To eBay
Hyperice massage gunYes1 kgTo Amazon
To eBay
BURNNOVE massage gun (price-performance winner)YesNot specifiedTo Amazon
To eBay
ABOX MG-008-2020 Yes1 kgTo Amazon
To eBay
Renpho massage gunYes0.7 kgTo Amazon
To eBay
Fylina massage gunYes1.8 kgTo Amazon
To eBay
Bcamelys EM03 2020Yes1.2 kgTo Amazon
To eBay
TaoTronics PCA003Yes0.97 kgTo Amazon
To eBay
Wattne W1Yes0.9 kgTo Amazon
To eBay
OPOVE M3 ProYes1 kgTo Amazon
To eBay
MILcea massage gunYesNo manufacturer informationTo Amazon
To eBay

Massage gun recommendations

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