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Finding the right hotel management software solution for a good hotel management system is not easy, because it is supposed to guarantee secure hotel bookings. Small hotels have different requirements than houses with 50 or more rooms.

While small houses only need a simple hotel database, chains work with channel management, revenue management and sales management using revenue systems such as yield management. These are tools for monitoring the competition and for selling hotel rooms professionally on the hotel market. For all hotels, the hotel software must be coordinated with the gastro cash register and the peripheral devices.


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Determine the best hotel software for customer solutions!

The types of hotel management software and their technical solutions and interfaces:



Booking engine

The booking engine is the heart of the system and is not called booking engine in German for nothing. The requirements are actually quite simple: give the guest the experience of being in a completely normal online shop. Customers place the reservations in a shopping cart with a click of the mouse. The hotel specialist knows by himself what his customer wants: simple payment solutions and the services that are individually put together in the modular system: rooms, conference rooms, table reservations, services such as massage or late check-out. The booking engine 'knows' where the customer is from and automatically offers the right product for the time requested.

An upgrade to a better room category is of course and easily possible. There are interfaces to various tools. Dynamic packaging and restrictions are just as clearly displayed as the price or the category.

All of this with maximum transparency, ease of use and good conversion for the goal of more direct bookings. One simple solution is also always possible: For more information, read the section on 'Hotel software solutions'.


Electronic hotel locking systems

Electronic hotel locking systems are repeatedly criticized as an interface to hotel software systems. Isn't the mechanical locking system better? More information on an exciting topic here. Alternatively, read something about access control in accommodation establishments.

Fidelio hotel software

MICROS-Fidelio - now ORACLE - is a real professional provider of professional management systems for the hotel and catering industry, cruise ships, commercial, transport, leisure and system catering and configured software for businesses of all types and sizes - from individual restaurants to global hotel chains . ORACLE is one of the market leaders for software systems in the hotel and catering industry. ORACLE is the only provider able to offer global service and support. Talk to the company about the Fidelio hotel software demo version.

Front manager hotel software

The Front Manager Hotel Software is the software that controls sales via the desk as front office software. Providers who explicitly program this software.

Voucher software

There are many voucher providers - how does the success look here? Way out: do marketing for the rack rate using your own voucher software.

Hotel price management

All information in the entry Dynamic Pricing.

Hotel software cloud - web-based hotel software

Hotel software cloud means that the actual hotel management software is not installed on the computer, but at the provider. This software technology is called Software as a Service and, as web-based hotel software, has advantages and disadvantages. Get information free of charge.

Hotel software iPad

The hotel software is controlled with the clear app interfaces and the iPad. The hotelier can simply take the hotel software with him and carry out tasks where he is: even on vacation or at the trade fair. The app has direct access to the front office and sales reporting at any time via WiFi or internet connections such as UMTS. Identify provider.

Hotel software free - Hotel software freeware

Hotel software can be tested with most providers with free access for a certain period. Freeware is generally not advisable because the important modules then have to be purchased. Hotel software free full version? Often just one advertising day for the software service provider. Free or cheap then quickly becomes expensive and confusing!

Hotel software solutions

For all the solutions that are sought for the guest, it must also remain a solution for the customer, in this case the hotelier. Difficult and comprehensive solutions sometimes require a specification; for a good overview, a checklist must always be set up with the item 'Booking Engine', which may need to be supplemented with interfaces:

  • Booking mask homepage
  • State-of-art booking software
  • Quota management for tour operators
  • Credit card terminal
  • Network technology and telephone system
  • Manage function rooms

Very important (!): Consult a third party SEO specialist before choosing a software company. The hotel software must be tested on a development platform (DEV) before the booking software goes 'on'.

Hotel software Mac

Hotel programs / hotel software for small hotels

In the accommodation industry, PMS is the abbreviation for Property Management System and hotel software for room reservation and billing of services. Small hotels, guesthouses and small businesses only need a simple, web-based hotel management system that makes additional hardware, software and training unnecessary. The same applies to hotel software for small businesses: this is often a 'simple' room occupancy plan offered by the service providers' list of the sector - a price comparison is worthwhile!

Hotels with larger capacities need to monitor competition and manage channels. These software solutions are in connection with booking portals and booking systems, CRS, PMS and RMS providers and provide efficient tools for strategic revenue and sales management. Chains and larger hotels have such professional PMS software.

So-called yield management plays a special role in this. With this volume-price control, a weighing process is necessary, the parameters of which lie between too early sales at dumping prices and waiting too long for better demand with the risk of too cheaply sold or underutilized availabilities.

The actual hotel software is operated via its own hardware or provided via Software as a Service SaaS. Peripheral devices of the catering software and back office and front office systems are connected via interfaces; Not to be forgotten are the interfaces to the hotel locking systems and other applications.

Generate hotel software comparison across the most important companies

A comparison of the software is always worthwhile, so that your hotel occupancy gives the RevPar wings! Put together a checklist with the most important parameters such as type of hotel, number of rooms and special features that influence the sale.

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Open source hotel software as free hotel management software

Open source hotel software is a software component that does not require a license.

PMS hotel software

PMS is the abbreviation for Property Management System and includes the hotel software functions for room reservation shown above. Contact PMS software provider here


Small hotels do financial accounting, cash register connection and locking card connection, larger hotels check whether upper hotel software solutions require all interfaces.

Conference software

This MICE branch, as a strong branch of the economy with its countless events, also has an international impact thanks to many foreign customers. Facts and emotions have to be conveyed. This requires skilled workers, but also good event management software. For more information, read 'Conference software for your event management'.

Organizer and spa software

Spa software or appointment management software is used to manage appointments in the areas of beauty, medical, spa, vitality, wellness and SPA -> More info. Here you have the opportunity to write to all spa software companies.

Event software

Smaller houses need conference software, congresses and larger hotels manage large events with comprehensive event software.

Time recording systems

Modern hotel software can be expanded modularly to include a time recording system in order to make the deployment of staff, e.g. at the front office, professional.

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