Is Starbucks Matcha healthy?

New tea offer: Starbucks tipped the sugar out of a green latte


The US coffee chain makes healthy - and dispenses with added sugar in its latest green tea hot drink.

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Green tea is healthy - and accordingly popular with consumers who pay attention to their diet. Until recently, the US coffee chain Starbucks offered green tea as a latte variation, among other things.

But now the hot drink, which in the short size with partially skimmed milk contained 14 grams of sugar, has disappeared from the offer. It had to give way to Matcha Green - an alternative with no extra added sugar. The Matcha Green is not completely sugar-free: Because of the milk sugar, it has a sugar content of 8.2 grams.

Like other fast food chains, Starbucks has been feeling the mega-trend towards healthy eating for a long time. The chain has set itself the goal of “reducing the sugar content in the most substantial drinks by 25 percent by 2020”, as a spokeswoman wrote on request. The Matcha Green is part of this strategy.

The sugar and calorie content of Starbucks drinks is often criticized - for example in the frappuccino creations. For example, a Mocha Frappuccino with partially skimmed milk and whipped cream contains almost 31 grams of sugar and 224 calories (mini size), as the Starbucks online nutritional table shows.

But the tea variations with milk also contain a good portion of sugar: The Chai Tea Latte (size short) with partially skimmed milk weighs just under 21 grams. How much of this is added sugar and how much natural milk sugar is not shown in the nutritional table.