What is the fee structure of iihm

The fee structure is secondary

Another important question is how to deal with fluctuations in the value of a fund unit. In any case, you will only have gained or lost money when you sell your fund units again.

But many investors make life incredibly difficult by comparing the fees of different funds intensively on the one hand, but far too often only assessing the performance for a short period on the other whether you would make a profit or a loss if you sold today.

Especially in the case of supposed losses - which have not yet been realized at all (book losses) - you often pretend that you have actually realized them and make life unnecessarily difficult.

Because often the market turns back up just as quickly and an interim loss ultimately becomes the desired profit (such fluctuations are simply part of the game).

Another important point that is often lumped together with the others: The one-off sales charge when purchasing fund units is not part of the permanent fee structure. They are purely one-time sales costs. Here you should make sure that you contact your custodian bank or your advisor be treated fairly.

The same applies here: Just look at the development of the fund after these costs. You will be amazed that this supposed additional effort in fund purchase - by a competent advisor gained as a result - was in many cases very well invested and has hardly any impact on the final end result.