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Web design inspiration: new impulses for your homepage

Designer website or modular look - the web design often determines the success of an online project. The following applies: There are no basic design rules for a "beautiful homepage". Rather, it is about standing out from the crowd and presenting visitors with an appealing front-end that does justice to the purpose of the website. In the commercial sector, the design of a homepage is often directly related to business success. Because the website often determines the first impression a potential customer gets of a company. Score here Online projects with an original design. Website operators can find many suggestions on the Internet.

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Eight sources of inspiration at a glance

Creative ideas do not always bubble up at the push of a button. But sometimes a click on one of the numerous pages on the Internet dedicated to web design helps. We present to you the best sources of inspiration for design trends and homepage ideas.


Communities are a first point of contact for creative impulses. Web designers, graphic artists, illustrators and typographers from all over the world come together on Dribbble to exchange ideas about their projects and present their results. The Social network for creative minds offers the opportunity to share up to 48 screenshots of your own work with the community every month. The images are limited to a maximum size of 400 x 300 pixels and are for the Search function tagged. However, the site lacks comprehensive filter functions. A basic membership at Dribbble is free and enables users to use basic features of social networks such as follow and like functions and to contact designers (to a limited extent). Additional functions can be activated with a manageable annual fee. As a source of inspiration, Dribbble impresses with the versatility of the work samples on display.


Behance is also a worldwide one Creative network, which is used for the publication of graphic works. The internet platform was taken over by Adobe in 2012 and integrated into the in-house Creative Cloud. Adobe service members automatically have access to basic Behance functionality. Just like Dribbble, Behance appeals to photographers, graphic artists, fashion designers and film artists who want to share their own work with the public, have works evaluated and, if necessary, find buyers. Registering with Behance is free. However, as with Dribbble, all site visitors can browse the portfolio of registered artists. On the competition side, however, Behance has one sophisticated filter function ahead. In addition, the creative work can be shown in much more detail. As a source of inspiration for your own homepage design, we recommend the creative areas of web design and UI / UX.


Awwwards sees itself as Online meeting point for the web-savvy creative industry and offers designers space to share knowledge and experience, hold discussions or find inspiration. The platform offers web designers, developers and creative agencies the opportunity to submit projects online and from a professional jury to be evaluated. The declared goal is to make visible the talent and commitment of the actors who enrich the Internet with innovative, user-friendly or simply beautiful websites. Once a day, Awwwards selects the “Site of the day” and presents it on the home page. Winners will also appear in the yearbook "The 365 Best Websites Around The World". Website operators can get inspiration for their own homepage by clicking through the winners' gallery. Awwwards also offers the option of choosing by category, date, colors or the designer's country of origin filter.


The abbreviation FWA stands for “Favorite Website Awards”, an industry-recognized award program that has been available to web designers since May 2000. Similar to Awwwards, FWA presents a “Site of the day” (SOTD) every day. In addition, a "Site of the month" (SOTM) is selected each month, the winner of which is at the end of the year on People’s Choice Award (PCA). With a focus on unusual website designs, FWA is a source of inspiration for website operators who want to stand out from the crowd. Visitors to the online platform have the option of filtering award-winning websites based on categories or viewing the winners for a specific month. In addition, like Dribbble, Behance and Awwwards, FWA also acts as a job platform.

CSS Design Awards

The online platform CSS Design Awards also awards a “Website of the day“As well as monthly and yearly winners. Evaluation criteria are "Creative Design", "Core & Function" and "UX & Content". Winners and nominees can be viewed by visitors and filtered by color, feature and industry. The website also offers articles on key web design topics and links to freely available resources.

One page love

Website operators who consider subpages to be overrated and instead want to arrange their content on a single page will find the necessary input at One Page Love. The platform sees itself as the ultimate Showcase for one-page websites, Templates and resources. The online gallery includes more than 5700 unique design examples that pick up on trends such as parallax scrolling, flat design or centrally divided layouts and are assigned to various categories. In the resource collection, visitors can find articles, icon sets and tutorials.


Lovers of realistic details, elaborate 3D effects or sophisticated drop shadows have no business on FlatDSGN. Here stands a minimalistic design style in the foreground. Flat design has established itself as a countercurrent to the widespread skeuomorphism (a style that tries to take up objects from the offline world and present them as realistically as possible). True to the motto “less is more”, FlatDSGN focuses on reducing design elements to the essentials. An approach in web design that not only stands out visually, but also convinces with positive effects on usability and website performance. In addition to impressive website examples, FlatDSGN offers links to freebies such as IUs or icon fonts.

WP inspiration

Anyone who moves in the WordPress universe and is looking for web design ideas for their own homepage will find what they are looking for at WP Inspiration. The website collects WordPress themes from the web and presents them in the form of screenshots. The website gallery can be filtered by category and color.

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