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🔠 Improving English: The 11 Most Effective Ways (2020)!

A good command of English enables you to become familiar with almost all countries in the world to agree. At the present time we need English However, not only when traveling or in private life, but increasingly in professional life.

Fluent English Having a good knowledge of English grammar as well as spelling are more important now than ever.

Like you improve your English, we show using the 11 best methods that can be easily integrated into your most stressful everyday life.

1. Set the right focus

First of all, it is extremely important that you sets a right focus. You have to be clear about what your weaknesses are. Your weaknesses are in the areas Pronouns, verbs, tenses or relative clauses?

Do you generally lack English grammar as a basis or is it? just your vocabulary which one is limping?

Before you have clarified that, you do not need to jump into learning, otherwise are you wasting your time

If you are unsure of yourself, the best way to find out is to have an English language expert analyze you.

2. Improve your English with a language course

Maybe something obvious, however, can be a language course really pays offeven if it's just a short course.

In a language course are you not alone, but under like-minded people interested in languages ​​who pursue the same goal. 🎯

Mostly does learning within a group is more fun and one can motivate and support one another.

It also increases a fixed weekly appointment your own motivation, which means you stay on the ball and don't give up so quickly. 💪

The participants in such a language course are often varied and interesting teaching material made available, which increases interest and motivation even more.

One possibility where you can take such a language course are the various Adult education centers. The courses are often led by trainers who speak English as your mother tongue to have. This can answer questions confidently and understandably and also the participants Draw attention to mistakes in pronunciation.

Here you can find the various locations of the adult education centers.

English online language course

You can also improve your English significantly through an online language course.

Here are Language courseswhich we recommend:

More English courses can be found here: Kursfinder.de

3. Improve your English with language apps

It is hard to imagine that we would leave the house without our smartphones these days.

That's why it will an ideal tool to refresh and quickly improve our English skills.

Meanwhile there are numerous different apps, with which we can improve our language skills playfully and with ease. We have for you the 3 best language apps for English picked out.

1) Babbel

To the well most popular English app belongs to the language app Babbel.

Babbel not only offers English, but also other languages. With a price of € 5.99 per month for a term of 12 months, that is more than affordable and a very qualitative appto improve your English.

Here you can find free Babbel alternatives.

2) Duolingo

Duolingo offers for both beginners and advanced special courses.

Furthermore, Duolingo scores with a high level of gamification and a fun learning environment.

Unfortunately, Duolingo is no longer usable in the free version. But Duolingo Plus only costs 7.49 € per month for a term of 12 months.

You can still test it for free in the app and play store.

3) Mondly

Mondly is another great language app to improve your English.

Mondly is designed so that you can easily integrate it into everyday life and work on the exercises quickly on the side. Because of that, have most exercises are only 5-10 minutes longso that you can do it on the bus ride to school or on the train ride on the way to work.

We took a closer look at Mondly in our Mondly test. 🔎

For the full range of English learning apps, read the full article here:

Best English Learning Apps 2021

4. Use media in the English language

Media like Podcasts, social media or even video-on-demand are great for improving your English.

English YouTube videos

The use of english youtube videos a great way to improve and brush up your English in a timely manner.

YouTube provides the subtitles are usually also available automatically. Even if these are often not 100% accurate, they are a great support in learning.

You can also find them on YouTube numerous channelswho specialize in teaching the English language.

One of these channels is that of BBC Learning English, which is for both language beginners and advanced learners suitable. In addition to learning the English language, interesting and exciting topics are dealt with at regular intervals.

Other good channels for learning English:

Watch films or series in English

Furthermore, it is very helpful if you your favorite series or movies in English look at. If you do this regularly, you will quickly find that your language skills and your understanding of the language change increases very quickly

Phrases and vocabulary shape themselves with this method almost by itself a. 🥳

However, if you are on Beginning trouble with the understanding, you can simply the German subtitle to take.
This simplifies the start and important success stories follow quickly.

With Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, it's all very easy nowadays.

Listen to audiobooks and podcasts in English

There are also audio books and podcasts in the English language. By listening to audiobooks or podcasts can help you improve your English quickly and you will be amazed how quickly you can understand complicated things after a short time.

Good podcasts for learning English

Great is also suitable the lyrics or lyrics function. With Spotify it is already included in many songs.

English audio books

Something more relaxed are audio books. you are exciting and you learn Listening comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation equal to.

If you do not want to dare to read professional profiles yet, then you can at the beginning Children's stories can be used.

Good audiobooks can be found on Audible *.

You can test Audible for free here. *

There is more English help for your everyday life here :)

5. Improve English by traveling ✈️

At the easiest and fastest can you learn your English on a trip to an English-speaking country improve. In addition to broadening your horizons and discovering new areas abroad, you will find yourself improve your language skills in no time.

Often times we will Travel abroad also forced to speak English. However, this is not a constraint in the traditional sense, it is a joyful and useful compulsion.

You can exchange with native speakers, learn from them and make new contacts at the same time. Everyday phrases can be used in no time and new vocabulary is quickly consolidated. Furthermore you will improve your pronunciation with ease.

It's best to combine your trip with learning apps, a language course and the best vocabulary learning methods to make even faster progress.

Maybe come for you too A language trip in question. If so, you can find your suitable language trip on this website: Language trip comparison

Travel is natural not always easy to implement due to the budget...

If you can speak English anyway speak to a native speaker then read on in the chapter on language partners or tutoring.

6. English tutoring

English tutoring is available a great toolto quickly improve your English level. In contrast to the English language course, you canspecifically address your weaknesses.

You can work together with your tutor Have conversations, deal with grammar topics or even vocabulary Working through. But make sure that the tutoring offers such free lessons, with it interacts well can be.

At Tutor Boost, we rely on the interactive part a very high value. With our learning expert you can deal with exactly the topic that is ailing you.

In the English tutoring, the teacher also prepares you a vocabulary list on request to and a study planso that you can continue to learn independently.

Since we are so sure that our tutoring will work, we offer a free trial lesson * so that you can see for yourself.

7. Practice, practice, practice

In itself it is not difficult to improve your English. You just have to practice and learn a lot and then speak and apply a lot. Exercise platforms are the perfect place to practice.

English practice platforms

  1. English help
  2. Catlux
  3. Levrai
  4. Cunning
  5. Online-Exercises.de
  6. Ego4U
  7. Learn English and Feel Good

After you've practiced the theory, so should you apply when speaking. A language partner can help you with this.

Generally you should take every opportunity to speak English.

Don't be shy and don't be ashamed if you make a mistake. Especially if you make a linguistic mistake with your friends or colleagues.

Nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes in a foreign language.

8. Find language partners

A language partner is someone who either want to learn English as well, so that you both speak English at the same time and improve and help or someone who likes would like to learn another language in exchangewhich you can already do.

But do you already have over good English knowledge, you can also devote yourself to books in the English language *. Often times these are books Written in simple and easy to understand English.E-book readers * also often offer an integrated dictionary so that you look up quickly if you have problems understanding can.

That is why we recommend that if you want to read in English for a longer period of time, to add an e-reader. Meanwhile the prices are really affordable and in retrospect you save costs again because of that E-books are often cheaper than normal books.

10. Learn English vocabulary faster

Much time and effort is lost if you use the wrong vocabulary learning techniques!

First of all, it is important to know what type of learner you are before you choose your vocabulary technique.

If you've found that out through a learner type test, then you should get an overview about all the vocabulary learning methods out there.

You then test your favorites from them and then lie down stuck to 2-5 methodswhich will produce the best results for you.

11. Use grammar summaries

If you Difficulty with English grammar then you should definitely get grammar summaries.

They help you completely briefly recall what you have learned. The picture comes from the English help page, where you can find more great summaries.

Otherwise you will also find good summaries on the English practice portals.

Improve English - Summary

First of all, it is important that you have the right focus and so is Establish learning objectives. If you don't know exactly where you want to go, it will be difficult to get there. Set the goals SMART.

Next, you can relatively easily integrate learning apps into your everyday life without having to change a lot. Good recommendations there are: Babbel, Duolingo and Mondly.

If you run out of material or motivation with the apps, then you should consider a language course, a language trip or an English tutoring.

If you are really motivated, then you can go for even more learning success Change your entire everyday life to Englishby streaming in English over Netflix, Spotify and Youtube or reads in English.

A big mistakewhich many commit, it is always just wanting to speak! Sure, speaking is also important and you can do that with a language partner organize smoothly, but you should definitely not neglect English practice! Because practice and practice still make perfect.

When learning, you should definitely use the correct vocabulary method and also use grammar summaries to get a quick overview.

With that in mind, check out our article: Learning English for Beginners

It was you, ours 11 best methodsto improve your English quickly. Did you like the article or did you you have any other questions, then just write us in the comments :)