How rich is your country

Welcome to Germany

This is the land where you don't understand
that FOREIGN is not a word for ENEMY,
in which visitors are only tolerated,
when they promise to leave again soon.
It's my home too, even if it's a coincidence
and at some point it falls back on me too
if a person from another country
can no longer live here without fear.
Because more and more happens every day
because hatred of strangers escalates
and nobody knows how and when to stop this bullshit.

It's my country too
And I can't pretend it's none of my business
It is your country too
and you are guilty if you close your eyes to it.

This is the land where so many keep silent
when crazy people take to the streets
to prove to the whole world and to yourself
that the Germans are the Germans again.
This provocation, it is for me and you,
because you and me too, we come from here.
No foreigner who can help us
this is our only concern.
I don't feel like watching any longer
I'm tired of just talking and standing around
I will not turn around before this enemy.

It's my country too
and I don't want it to be a fourth kingdom.
It is your country too
stand up and help blind hatred not destroy it.
It's my country too
and its reputation is already ruined anyway.
It is your country too
Come on, let's show that other people also live here.