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With men and women there is many different sex positions, some are comfortable, others require a high degree of flexibility. But what is it like when two men love each other? What are the most pleasant and beautiful positions for gay couples? Some gay sex positions are very well known, while others only know a few. Here are some tips and suggestions for fun for two.

Position 1 - doggy style (the classic)

Just like with sex between a man and a woman, it belongs Doggy style among the most popular positions in gay couples. There kneels one partner in front of the other while he penetrated from behind becomes.

What is particularly pleasant about this is that no painful contortions must be made. Tip here: It is essential that you switch positions so that both partners can experience and understand the feelings of dominance and submissiveness that may arise. Then talk about your experiences and exchange ideas.

Position 2 - the spoon position

In the spoon position, the partners lie on their side with their legs slightly bent Belly to back. Due to the particularly close and cuddly body contact, the partners often feel very intimate feelings, even if the faces are not consistently inclined.

What is particularly pleasant here is that you can continue to cuddle in the same position after sex. This position is especially for Romantics recommended as the Spoon position to the most popular cuddling positions belongs.

Position 3 - The missionary position

Gay lovers among each other - not both of them like every position.

The missionary position is another position from the category of romantic positions. In the missionary position, one partner lies with angled and legs apart on the backwhile the partner between the legs of the first partner moved.

In order not to affect the whole weight on the lying partner, the partner supports himself with his arms. The one that is particularly pleasant in this position intense body contact, especially since faces are tilted towards each other all the time during sex. A prerequisite for this position is a pronounced trust towards the partner, as the physical sensations must be taken seriously and taken into account.

Tip: The missionary position in particular is suitable for practicing it in various modifications and variations. Aids such as a pillow under the pelvis of the partner lying on their back can also have positive effects.

Position 4 - 69

The well-known 69 position is particularly popular with gay couples as both partners equally spoiled by each other can be. This position is recommended laying, but it can also be standing upn are carried out. The partners are there opposite to each other, d. H. the head of one is level with the pelvis of the other. This enables the couple to have both partners orally satisfy each other can. Granted, oral sex is not for everyone. Be sure to coordinate this with your partner beforehand, as the otherwise pleasant position can turn into a nightmare.

Gay sex positions for anal sex

Spring squat

The spring squat can also be very fulfilling for two men. (Just click to enlarge)

The spring squat can be a comfortable position for anal sex between men. In this position, the passive partner on the back lie and his Legs a little to the upper body bend towards it. The active partner kneels in front of it and can penetrate the passive partner. Sometimes it takes a little practice for the pose to work properly.


For this position you need an aid in the form of a Chair or sofa. The active partner sits on it, the passive first takes a seat on his lap. Here the active partner should already penetrate the passive anally. Now the passive partner has to cling to the partner's upper body with his thighs and himself Bend back down to the floor. The head can touch the ground or support itself with the arms. A pillow under the head can protect against bumps in the downtown sex position.

Sun lounger

This sex position is also suitable for beginners. One of the partners can relax on the sun lounger sit down, lean back and support with your arms. The other partner lies down with his back on him - but so that his shoulders are on his feet and his legs reach over the upper body and head. The partner lying on top ensures rhythmic movements.


The assault sex position can also be used by gay couples for anal sex. Here, however, both must be steadfast, because it is carried out while standing. The passive partner confronts the Back to the front of the active partner - he bends slightly forward. The active partner can penetrate him and additionally hold on to the thighs with his hands.

Variations for gay oral sex

The kneeling fellatio can also be used for oral satisfaction for two men. (Just click to enlarge)

The blowjob can be enjoyed in many different positions. Here is a short list:

Gay sex positions: trust and respond to wishes

trust is the absolute basis for pleasant sex. Those who trust their partner and feel that they are in good hands with them relax much faster than someone who does not know exactly how much they can trust their partner. And those who are relaxed can enjoy better.

Talk Before you have sex with your partner, you should therefore decide what they would like to try or not do at all. This not only prevents nasty surprises, but also takes away fear on both sides. Be sure to go to the Wishes of your partner one, even if you may not like everything right away, but talk about it and you will surely come to an amicable solution.

Important: Tell your partner during sex if you particularly like something your partner does or if you are uncomfortable with something. You are both men, but you too have your own feelings and should definitely listen to it. With confidence and mutual attention In relation to your wishes, you will experience many unforgettable hours as a couple.

Love between men can be lived out in different positions.

A little bit of everything never hurts!

The positions just described are natural just tips. They can be practiced in all designs and variants and adapted to the wishes of the partners. Ultimately, every couple has to go through Try out explore which positions are particularly comfortable or uncomfortable for you. Over time, it will become clear what the partners find particularly pleasurable or what should be kept away from in the future. Also the Exchange with other couples can bring new ideas for particularly pleasant sex positions. Basically, the phrase "learning by doing" applies here. And honestly, there are worse ways of finding out, right?

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