What happened to Noah's son Ham

What does it mean if Noah gets drunk after the flood and curses his son who saw him naked? [closed]

I certainly think that the clarification of the passage is missing something.

As I understand verse 22, Ham "saw" his father's nudity ... maybe not just accidentally, but rather a deeper "examination" of his father's nudity? There's no mention of what Ham was thinking ... perverted or malicious ... disrespectful ... but I think the difference between Ham's attitude and the attitude of his brothers regarding their father's condition is in light of the rest of verse 22 clear verse 23: Ham told his brothers ... jokingly, mockingly, to make fun of his father? ... and his brothers, in turn, respectfully covered their father without even looking at him.

There is probably some facet of culture not included in the biblical text here, but it seems clear that the difference between Ham's "seeing" and his brothers "stepping back, facing away and covering their father" gave Noah the occasion, Hams Curse offspring and bless Japheth and Shem. Although it doesn't usually end in a curse, I believe that the same type of behavior as a man's son today would result in punishment for a son who showed a lack of respect for a father showed whether or not this father's own decisions were made resulted in a disappointing state. Children who respect their fathers are a fundamental teaching in the Bible.