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17 Things You Only Understand When You Have Been Home More Women Than Men

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You will never leave the toilet seat up.

1. There are likely to be a lot of pads and tampons of all types and sizes in your home. © Matka_wariatka / Getty Images

In all likelihood, she bought at least one woman you live with en masse. So if you forget to stock up before the days, you can always steal some from your sisters and your mother and you are saved. Crisis averted!

2. The toilet seat is never up. © 20th Century Fox

And when you use the bathroom in other people's houses, you can't understand why they leave them up. The truth is, it's great to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and be sure you won't trip and fall in because someone left the lid open.

3. You are an expert at untying impossible knots in freshly laundered bras. © Twitter: @TheChadBenson

You know this happens a lot when you live with other women. It may test your focus and patience without end, but you have become a master at untangling even the worst of these knots.

4. You share all clothes. © Disney

Whether you are the same size or not. When many women live together it goes without saying that everything will be owned together. Granted, that can sometimes trigger World War III at home. But it will get you out of a tight spot, especially if you haven't done any laundry for a few days too long.

5. And your clothes and accessories always get a second life. © Getty Images

A handbag, a pair of shoes, a pair of earrings ... you have some really cool things that your mom wore in the 80s and your sister probably stole something that you wore in the 90s.

6. The medicine cabinet in your house is always filled for the worst menstrual cramps. © Sasimoto / Getty Images

Pills, ice packs, teas, heat pads ... choose something!

7. Not to mention THOUSANDS of hygiene items. © Monticelllo / Getty Images

Creams for dry skin, especially dry skin, oily skin, combination skin ... And each of you has at least three different hair products that you can borrow from each other (read: steal) whenever you want.

8. Everyone helps out in the household. © Nickelodeon

No, that's not one of those things that everyone "helps out" with. Rather, each does its part. At this point you are so used to it that you even have special playlists for "swiping" (and you know they work wonders!).

9. You also have to be a little bit of everything: cook, chauffeur, nurse, stylist ... © Yaskii / Getty Images

You cook, pick up your sister from school, help your mother prepare for her work lunch, and also do pretty much anything that comes up.

10. Scented candles and essential oils are considered basic needs in your household. © Dior / Via

It always smells like flowers chez toi and it's perfect.

11. Unless you're a real fan, you won't even notice when sporting events are on. © Franckreporter / Getty Images

"Why are the neighbors screaming? Ohhhh that's right, cup final."

12. Scenes like this are always found in the drain. ©

But you're so used to it that you no longer find it disgusting. You remove the clumps of hair like it's the most normal thing in the world, even if you don't even know who the hair belongs to.

13. You get along very well with other women. © S-s-s / Getty Images

You have always lived with other women in your home, so now you have no problem interacting with other women.

14. You probably heard about the problems women face quite early on. © Highwaystarz-photography / Getty Images

You went through horrific moments like when your mother was whistled after on the street and you knew it was wrong. Or when you overheard your sister moaning about her chauvinistic work colleague :(

15. You understand that women are human beings and not fragile princesses. © Getty Images

You saw them in huge, ugly T-shirts that they got for free in the supermarket; you have seen her in a bad mood and in a good mood; and you've seen them doing "hard" jobs like using a drill, fixing furniture, and changing tires.

16. You have family evenings where you all take care of each other, watch a movie, and enjoy each other's company. © CBS

You can spend hours watching movies and eating ice cream.

17. But most importantly, they taught you to love yourself. And you know you wouldn't be the same without these incredible women you share your life with. © Dreamworks