What is it like to be a mystery shopper

Mystery Shopper simply explained

Would you like to know what is behind the term mystery shopper? Then this blog is for you.

What is a mystery shopper?

The mystery shopper is basically one Test buyer, which as part of the mystery shopping process, a survey of the Service- or. Product quality supported. This so-called mystery shopper buys his own if requested Client certain products or consumes services according to a predetermined one Criteria catalog. The most important aspect here is customer satisfaction.

It is very important in mystery shopping: the mystery shoppers must not be recognized as such by the staff, otherwise the results of the test will be unusable. The claim is that Sales experience targeted on Touchpoint (Contact point) and to ensure the greatest possible objectivity. There are various impressions and Key figures collected such as the service quality, the competence of the employees or even the location.

What should you watch out for?

Mystery shopping shouldn't be seen as THE one method, as it is not for all questions suitable. While in classic customer satisfaction surveys the subjective impression of the customer is more in the foreground and the question is more aimed at understanding why the customer gained this impression in the form, mystery shopping is on objectivity designed. So, ideally, you should follow several methods.

For the success The decisive factor in a mystery shopping survey is the harmonization of objectives across the various corporate divisions involved. The sales department is probably interested in other topics than, for example, the human resources department. In order to keep the complexity of such a study within limits, the aim as accurately as possible Are defined become. It is essential to avoid that the mystery shopper is overwhelmed with the question. This seriously disturbs the objectivity.

The following questions should be discussed in advance so that mystery shoppers can be successful:

  • Which perspective should be considered? Is it about existing customers or prospects?
  • Are the soft skills of the employees in the foreground or their specialist knowledge? If the answer is specialist knowledge, the mystery shopper must be provided with the necessary information in advance.
  • Is the internal quality in the foreground or is it also about benchmarking?
  • Who do I want to use as a mystery shopper? Would you like to employ professionally trained people or fall back on “unknown” panel participants? What requirements do your mystery shoppers have to meet?
  • Do your mystery shoppers need training in advance and if so, how extensive does it have to be?

Mystery shopping supported by Survalyzer

Especially in the area of ​​"Online shopping»You can use high-end survey software such as Survalyzer to find the Market research method efficiently support mystery shopping and set up your own study with simple means. Of course, the aforementioned should also be used for this Quality criteria apply and the questions must be answered.

After you have approved the objective with your colleagues, you can create the relevant questionnaire in the system. There is also the option of entering the relevant redirects to the online shops and / or products directly within the questionnaire. That means that Questionnaire supported and controls the whole Mystery shopping process. A template created especially for this method is used, which ensures that the questionnaire can be filled out in a minimized display in a separate browser window in real time directly during the purchase or service experience. The advantages are obvious, you get unfiltered and thus unadulterated answers in real timet that are still «fresh». This inevitably benefits objectivity.

In addition, you significantly reduce the hurdles and expenses for test buyers for “online mystery shopping” because the data directly in your system saved and can be evaluated automatically.

Would you like to try out such a study for your online products and services? Please contact usto discuss your needs. We are happy to share our know-how with you.